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Get your ex back
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The ultimate Guide on How to get your ex back in 3-Steps

How to get your ex back

Breaking with someone you love is heartbreaking. It is often hard to forget about the one you love and move on with your life as if nothing happened. But in some cases it may seem .As the only thing you can do. The thing that makes it even harder is when you ask advice from people, only to tell you that you need to move on and forget about him or her which is not easy at all.

It is not easy to move on from your past relationship if you still feel that you need to fight for it. If you know deep down that you still in love with your former lover .And you feel that only if your ex-lover could grant you with another chance to try and work things out in your relationship. Sometimes you are finding it hard to move on from your past relationship.

If you are in the position where by you think that you need to fight for your former relationship then you have come to the right place. This ultimate guide gives you the chance to fix things with you ex-lover. This ultimate guide on how to get your ex back will teach you everything you need to know in order to get your ex back. Once you have read and followed the instruction on this guide rest assured you will have a successful reunion with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. So if you want to get your ex-back make sure that you carefully read through these following 3-steps.

These 3 steps on how to get your ex back consist of psychological techniques that will help you get your ex back. This guide will not help you play some mind games or try to trick your ex in some way. So if you are looking for something that will manipulate your ex into getting back with you then you are searching in the wrong place. This guide will give you the knowledge on how you can start the new chapter in your relationship with your ex-lover. The relationship that is healthy and long lasting. Living out the old relationship where you felt nothing but misery that led to the breakup.

On the first step of this guide we will look on the most common mistakes most people make do after they have break up with their love and we will also teach you how to avoid making those mistakes. Because these mistakes people do after a break up they not only push you ex away further but they also make you feel the pain of being rejected by your ex.

Mistake #1- Begging and pleading

This is the most common mistake a lot of people do after they have broken up with their ex-lover. If your lover has told you that he/ she want nothing to do with you, chances are begging him is not going to do any good for you. However, begging just makes you look desperate and desperate or a needy person is so unattractive.

And no one will want to be involved with a desperate person. However before your partner ended things with you he or she know very well that you are going to beg him to stay, so chances are he or she thought long and hard about how he or she will react when you beg him or her. Even if your partner agrees to take you back after you have begged, then you will be signing yourself into a relationship whereby you are going to be a doormat.

Mistake #2- settling for being a Doormat

You can beg and plead your partner to take you back to the point when he or she feel sorry for you and take you back. But chances are that your ex-lover will only be doing that out of self pity, and not because he or she still love you. Therefore you will be like your ex’s doormat because you will agree to everything that your ex want. That will be like throwing away yourself-worth.

Do not let your ex make you his/her doormat

Do not make the mistake of letting your relationship with your ex stand in the way of your happiness and your dreams. Your happiness should always come first in everything that you do. Do not give up on your happiness and yourself worth just so you can that you can be in the relationship with your ex. Those are just consequences of begging and being needy to your ex. Your ex will think that since you want it so bad to be with him then you will accept anything that he or she want.

Being someone’s doormat does not guarantee you that; the person is going to commit to you in future. But there is the possibility that your ex will keep you so that you can satisfy him sexually or emotionally.

If by slightly luck they do commit to you, you will probably be in an abusive and unhappy relationship.

The only thing that usually happened when a person is in a relationship whereby he or she is doormat. Well that relationship does not last at all, it ends. This kind of a relationship quickly reaches an expiry date. So if you really want to get your ex back, do not settle on being a doormat.

Mistake #3 -The phone Catastrophe

There are too many ways you can make contact with the person nowadays. It’s either you call a person, send him a text massage, a facebook massage or send them a tweet massage. This availability of the lines of communication can lead one to making a very huge mistake people often make after breaking up. That is; initiating contact with their ex-lover.

The thought of having the person you do not want to talk to keep sending you text messages each and every minutes can be so irritating. Your phone inbox will be filled with thousand of massages from the person you are trying to avoid. And maybe that person can end up calling you very late at night talking all sorts of things that make you sick. Would you want to give that person another chance to be in a relationship with you? No, I don’t think so!

Sending your ex countless massages and calling him at night is not only going to push your ex further away from you, but it will also make you less attractive. If you desire to get your ex back, you have to give your ex some space to breathe. And I think you also need some time alone. So initiating contact with your ex is not going to help at all.

Mistake #4- Unwanted and Unnecessary Affection

It could happen that your ex knows that he or she is still loved and cared for. Your ex knows that you want them to be happy and probably he or she feels the same for you. However, your ex does not need to be constantly reminded that right now. You reminding your ex that you still love and care for him her will not only push him/her away. But it will make them remember the reason that led you two to break things up. Hence he or she was the one who break up with you; it could happen that your ex has a valid reason as to why he or she ended thing with you.

Mistake #5- Using Pity to Get your ex back

Your ex will never get you back because he or she feels sorry for you but he she will take you back only if he or she thinks that your relationship deserves another chance. Do you often find yourself posting a very sad facebook post in hopes that your ex will notice them? If you ex call you, do you often tell him or her that you feel hopeless without them in your life? Do you feel that your ex will feel sorry for you and give your relationship another chance?

However, getting your ex back because you are feeling lonely is not going to work for you. It could happen that you are still dealing with the break up pain and not that you still have feelings for your ex. It is normal to feel this way and if you give it time it will pass. Further more if you try and get your ex back by making him or her pity you that will make you unattractive. And that also does not gives that assurance that you will get your ex back.

If you really want to get your ex back you will need to act as if you are happy. Try and look less miserable, after all there is no one who would like to be in a relationship with the person who is miserably sad.

Mistake #6 Being Friends with Your Ex

If you have been hoping that by remaining friends with you ex is going to help you get your ex back, then you are in for a big disappointment. By remaining friends with your ex you are not doing any one justice. However if you are friend with your ex, where will you get enough time to heal form the pain the caused by the break up? Being friend with your ex is not going to do you any good because chance are you can end up being your ex’s friend ever.

And your ex, who is now your friend might end up telling you stories that you do not want to hear. Stories about their new girlfriend or boyfriend and I am sure you do not want hear those stories especially form the person you still deeply in love with.

If you agree on being friends with y our ex that might end up hurting you even more and you might not get what you desire, which is a good and healthy relationship with your ex-lover. For you to be able to get your ex back you need to be happy where you at in life. And do not suggest or force any kind of friendship with your ex, even if your ex asks you to be friends with him just refuse that offer. At least until you have went through step 2.

Mistake #7 Panicking when your ex starts dating

Breaking up with the person you love is very hard, it is harder if deep down your heart you are still madly in love with that person and you often find yourself wondering if that person still feels the same about you. And it can even more heartbreaking when you find that your ex has started replacing you with someone else. This can be a shocking discovery to you, but that does not mean it’s something you need to worry about because things like these happen all the time.

The truth of the matter is if you find that your ex gets in the relationship with someone else right after he or she breaks up with you. That can only mean that he or she is in that relationship just to get over from you. It could happen that it is a rebound relationship, something that you really do not need to worry about. And the chances are that relationship will never last. If you ex has quickly dated someone else just after he or she broke up with you then chance are that relationship will end immediately.

That is what happens with the most of the rebound relationships. Because the person will soon find that this new relationship is not what he or she is looking for and then end it. So if you soon discover that your ex is dating someone else right after he or she breaks up with you, do not panic. Because it could be a rebound relationship and it will not last.

Do not make a mistake of making you ex think that this new person is not good for them, because that will make your ex want that person even more seeing that your are jealous of him or her. Your ex might want this relationship to last only because he or she wants to prove a point to you.

If you ever find yourself in the similar situation as above the best possible way to deal with it is by staying calm, do not panic. Do not comment or do say anything about the relationship, act as if you do not see what is happening. Just stay cool and focus more to your life other than your ex’s life. There are plenty of things you can focus on doing after breaking up with your partner before you try and get your ex back. And you will learn about these things in step 2.

What happened if you have already made these mistakes?

If it happened that these mistakes we have talked about you have already made them. Then there is absolute no need to punish yourself about it. This is just a normal reaction to a breakup. What is more important is realizing that you made those mistakes and do not do them in future. You can still save your relationship if you do not do these mistakes again. The only best thing you can do now is follow the step 2 carefully.

The next step of this ultimate guide is called YOU which is the step 3 of the guide. This step will focus on you. In this step you will learn on how you will undo all the mistakes you have done that are on step 1. Even if you have not done those mistakes just yet, it is important to follow on this step, because this step is most important if you are trying to get your ex back.

The most important lesson you are going to learn from this step is “Stop focusing on your ex and start focusing on you.”

The only important thing you must d right about now is to stop all the lines of communications with your ex. Do not try to contact your ex at all. Contacting your ex will make it harder for you to focus on yourself.

  • You could be thinking
  • What if he or she moves on?
  • What is he or she forgets all about the good times that we spend together?

What if my ex find someone along the way and fully commit to them to the point where they get married, live together and have kids and decreases my chances of ever hear from them?
Well point taken. And anyone can be concerned about that. If you were looking for the answers to all those questions then answer is: No, they will not.

If you and you ex where in a very serious relationship chances are these breakup is also hard on your ex as it is hard on you. It does not matter if your ex is the one who ended things with you. And this no contact rule is not something that you will have to do forever. This is done just to give you and your ex enough time to remove all the negativity you feel cause by the break. And it will give you both, time to heal.

Eliminating communication with your ex partner help you find yourself again and you will be happier and attractive during this phase. During this step you will be able to remove all the negativity we have mentioned in step1. Think of trying to find something new to do during this step. You have to keep focusing on yourself doing things that make you happy and satisfied.

Besides that, during the break up phase your ex’s mind is filled will all the negative thoughts of you. Maybe the wrongs that you have done while you were dating is still that made you ex lose interest in you is still in their mind.

By stop communicating with your ex, you are giving time to all those negative thoughts to fade way from your ex’s mind. And the good thing about this no contact rule is that, if you stop being needy to your ex, your ex will be attracted to you again and may want to get back with you again. Sometimes that is what it takes to get your ex back.

Therefore I will recommend that you stop contacting your ex at least three weeks. If you feel that this time is not enough then you can make it a month, one month is enough. If you and your ex maybe work together and goes to the same church and you think that it is going to be impossible for you to not talk to him or her. Well in case if you bumped into each other at work or at church you will have to make sure that you keep your conversation as short as possible. Do not talk with your ex about how you feel.

During this period you have to make sure that you do things that will make you happy and feel good. This is what you can do:

Do not let how you feel destroy your chances to get your ex back

The important thing you need to know is that after a break up your emotions could be all over the place. You will be obsessed to get your ex back. And you will get angry, sad, and hopeless and you will feel rejected.

And all this is a normal way any normal person will react to a breakup, which means there is nothing wrong for you to feel this way. But at some point you will need to manage these emotions, making sure that they do not cloud your judgments. Because you might end up doing something stupid out of panic and this might lower your chances to get your ex back.

Have enough time to get to process the way you feel and try keep calm all the time. You will have to do anything that will excite you and make you feel relaxed.

Stop having negative thoughts

If negative thoughts keep appearing into your mind it will disrupt the way you view life. And this is why you should avoid negative thoughts. Maybe those thoughts could be something like.

  1. – I will be single till I die.
  2. – I will never find a person like my ex
  3. – I will never love anyone like I loved my ex
  4. – I will never trust anyone ever again.

Well that is not true and you need to stop thinking like that. Because thinking like this will only cause damage to your subconscious. Sometimes our mind believe what we tell think. This type of thinking is going to be very bad for your self- esteem and it will ruin your chances of enjoying your life. So if you want to live a happy life you must stop having these types of thoughts.

Get your ex back

You must know deep down your heart that life is beautiful and you will be able to love again. You can find love again with your ex or someone else, it does not matter. Therefore you should not stress about the fact that you will never find yourself someone that you will love like your ex. If you need someone to love then you will get him. So whenever the negative thoughts appear in your mind, you will need to quickly stop them and replace them will positive thoughts like:

  1. – I will find love again
  2. – I will be happiness again
  3. – In whatever I do I will succeeds
  4. – I will get what I desire in life

Start looking at your relationship for what it was

Ending of the relationship can be heartbreaking. You mind can be filled with a lot of complicated emotions that are too hard to understand. It can seem as if you are being controlled by these emotions. You can find yourself missing your ex so hard that you will think that he or she was the only person suitable for you and all of the sudden you may think that it is not so. In fact, you can be sure that it is not so. You may think that the relationship you had with your ex was not that great. Seriously now you cannot tell which is which. Well you may think if it was so great so why did we break up?

During this phase of uncertainty you will have to look both on the positive and the negative aspects of your relationship. Every relationship has it up sand downs, but if these up s and downs lead to the break up that could mean that these ups and down was way to serious. But think about this rationally do not let it cloud your judgment to your relationship. However if you want to get your ex back you will need to understand the things that led to the break up. In that, way you will be able to make right the wrong that you have done and work on fixing your relationship.

Even though it could be hard sometimes but you will need to do everything, you can to enjoy your life. There a lot of things you can do to during this period of time. You can may be spend time with your friends, do something interesting with your friends, join the gym if you have not joined one or try and find a new hobby etc. avoid doing things that will make you think about your ex. You will have to enjoy doing things on your own without your ex. This will give you perspective on how your life will be without your ex.

The time you will spend on step2 will be determined by the time it took you to feel good about yourself and your life again. And when you feel that you are ready to proceed, then you will have to move on to step #3.

Step 3 Re-Attraction

Step 3 aka re-attraction is where you are going to rekindle the spark between you and your ex. You might feel that your ex is not attracted to you right now, but it’s that can be changed. If your ex was once attracted to you then he or she will be attracted to you again.

All you need to do is remind him/her about the good qualities that you possess that attracted them to you at the first place. In fact all you need to do is get in contact with them and they will be reminded of those qualities.

The most crucial part of Step 3 is step 2. You need to make sure that you have read carefully through step2 to for you to proceed to step 3. If you are still desperate, sad, and miserable, communicating with your ex will not go well for you.

Regaining Contact

You communicate with your ex by calling them, sending a text massage, sending a facebook inbox, and email. What kind of communication you use to contact your ex is not important at this stage as long as you contact with your ex that‘s all matters now. Although, I will recommend hand written letter to them due to my personal experience. There are things that you can say with your ex over the letter that will increase your chances to get your ex- back. The hand written letter will have more impact compared to today’s digital method of communication.

Set up a date

Now it is time you set up date and meet with your ex. In your first communication with your ex, you need to tell them to meet up with you. However, at this time you should not call it a date just yet. During this meeting with your ex, you must make sure that you do not discuss the possibility of getting back together. Because that might alienate your ex, you should just tell him or her that there is some catching up you need to do. And your meeting should be in an open space were both of you are comfortable. Your meeting should be as short as possible.

The reason I am saying you should keep it short is that it will make your ex keep wondering about your short date. Your ex will keep thinking about your after that short date you just had with them. All you have to do is show up with a broad smile and try keeping your conversation with your ex as short as possible.

During this short date try not to say anything that is related to your relationship. Maybe you can talk about what has been going on with your life in general and then you can ask your ex what has been going on to their life leaving out all the details. At this stage, you have to have something interesting that you are going to tell your ex about. You cannot just tell your ex that you spend your night watching soapies on TV while sleeping on your bed. This is why you should go through stage 2 very carefully. During this date, you have to focus on making your ex feel the connection between the two of you again.

Be Attractive

You need to remind your ex of the person he or she once fell in love with, or better show your ex that you can still be that person and more. You need to let your ex know that you happy and you are not as desperate to get them back as you were when they ended things with you. Perhaps your ex may have had negative thoughts of you, so this new you will make all those negative thoughts your ex had of you fade away. And there are plenty of things that you can do to make your ex be attracted to the new you again. We will talk about those things just now.

Right Moves at the Right Time

You will have to make sure that you make right moves at the right time when you are trying to get your ex back. If you do things, a little too fast chances are, you might push your ex further away and if you are moving too slow chances are your ex might move on. Getting back your ex is actually not that easy though it is not difficult as well. However, it is something that needs to be learned through experiencing it. It is not something you would read through this guide.

Step 4 – The Special Moves

Getting back together with your ex is really the work of art and you can call step4 by the Unbreakup Guide. In this step your will be taught the following;

  1. – On how exactly you will go about in contacting your ex and want you will be required to say when he contact you first.
  2. – And how you will write the letter to your ex (a hand written one)
  3. – How you can make your first short date with your ex to be emotional charged so to rekindle attraction.
  4. – How to eliminate all the negative thoughts your ex might have of you using an easy technique.
  5. – Understand how importance of choosing the right time to make the right moves to your ex.
  6. – However, you will have to make it look like it was your ex’s idea to get back with you.

Rest assured when you are done going through these steps, you will either be back together with your ex, or you will be completely over him or her. Please enter your details on the space provide below to get the guide emailed to you.

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