How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

The Step-by-Step Guide will help you to get your ex-girlfriend back

How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back? Did the woman that you love split up with you? Did you try almost everything you can think of to get her to revert her mind over leaving you but you unfortunately failed? If yes than don’t fear as right about this moment I am willing to advise you on the vital steps that you can use that will be able to lure your ex-girlfriend back your way fast.

It was not a while back when my girlfriend who I love dumped me and left me completely alone just like you. So when I say I understand how it feels like to be left by the one you truly love trust me I do. I can still even recall the words that she told me which were just forget about me and move on worse part she wouldn’t even want to answer any of my calls. Astoundingly a few months down the line we eventually reunited and even took things further and got engaged. Everything was going great and there are no words to describe how happy we were and this is all thanks to a friend from a while back who taught me an effective method of how to get your ex-girlfriend back. So if you are keen in reconciling back with your girlfriend below are the necessary steps that you need to follow to get her back.

Step 1. Inform me who initiated the breakup

The method that we will embark on how to get your ex-girlfriend back and how to make her want to want you back will be determined upon who commenced the breakup first. This is important because with every breakup dilemma there is a different breakup strategy that needs to be implemented.

Was she the one who broke up with you or were you the one who called it quits with her? If she was the one who split up with you and you desire to make things revert back to the merrier and fun times like in the past than jump on to
step 2 underneath

So if you broke up with her and you have come to your senses that you have done a big mistake and there is nothing you want more than to get her back. I am happy to notify you that all the detailed steps available on this page will showcase to you how to get your ex-girlfriend back if she was the one who initiated the breakup.

Step 2. We must determine the real reason why she dumped you

The number one prime concern is to ensure that whatever that you did that led her to want nothing to do with you that we figure it out right away. Whatever it is that you did you have to ensure that you cease from repeating it or else the easy method that I am about to show to you won’t work.

Chances are she might have told you some make believe story of why she left you. she might have told you that the reason why she is leaving you is because you just grew apart or she could of dropped the big bomb and told you that she needs some time to be on her own.

Whatever it is that she said chances are you still puzzled on why she actually left you and what is it that you did wrong. This is a typical phenomenon that most women are inclined to do so as a guy who is on your team I will give it to you directly and show you exactly how to get your ex-girlfriend back. Are you ready? Let’s go…
Mainly there are three possible reasons of why she left you and what I have done is align these reasons into classifications as in class A to C. so firstly we need to determine which class your dilemma falls into. A large number of men are most likely to belong into the first class which is class A.

Get your ex-girlfriend back

Class A. Did the desire to be with you die off?

When a relationship changes and gets dry and old a woman often loses the desire and attraction that she once felt for her boyfriend. The worse part gets to be when she is a woman who possess a relationship worth than the odds are greater that she is most likely to dump you to be with someone who is better than you or be with a

As I mentioned that the most normal dilemma for men who need to determine how to get your ex-girlfriend back- a guy gets dumped by a woman mainly because the attraction and desire she felt for him died off.
This is how you determine if the death of attraction and desire is what led to the breakup
First you need to think about the union that you had with her in preceding days, weeks, months and year than you need to answer yes or no to the below questions

Did you at any given chance try your level best to always be too nice to her?

If you answered yes, meaning that you were always figuratively nice to your woman than she might have plucked into the notion that you were attempting to make her acknowledge and desire you or more that you were constructive for her to be accept you.

There has been research conducted and the finding concluded revealed that individuals that lack self-esteem always pursue admiration from high-esteemed individuals in other words this means it is never the other way around. It’s in a women’s natural instinct so by attempting to make your girlfriend admire you more utilizing admiral habits you instantly make her feel like she is more high-esteemed to you.

How to get your ex-girlfriend back and how to win the back the heart of the girl you lost. Involvement and the admiration to possess the most powerful descendants reveal that your girl admires men that she is likely to view as being highly-esteemed than her. This is a kind of device that is reinforced into every woman’s DNA in the hopes to maintain the strength of humans.

This however is where the problem for you begins if you have been exhibiting an admiral habit that has somehow down the line inhibited your lady from perceiving you as the alpha high-esteemed male for the cause mentioned above which is and if your woman does not perceive you as high-esteemed she ultimately loses the desire and attraction that she has for you. This will than lead to her having ideas in her head that she should let go of the relationship.

Did you always make certain that you do everything that she asks or you to do for her?
Imagine you have two individuals one is a leader and one is a follower in your eyes who do you deem is higher in the social ranking? Without a doubt it is the leader. So hence by supplying your ex-girlfriends every command and admiration you were actually behaving like a less inferior person to her while she at the other hand was more of the leaderhigh-esteemed

Women are generally drawn to guys who they view to be above the high social rankings than they are so hence every women is more in tuned to be with a man who is more than her. A simple way to give a distinct meaning to the above quote is that women seek for men that possess a high worthiness in the dating game.

So in other words by you doing whatever it is that she longed and craved for your former girlfriend likely viewed you as low-esteemed to her which simply put means you are way behind in worthiness value when she evaluates herself to you especially in a planet that many women are admired to guys that they perceive as being high –esteemed and high value worthy in the dating game.

In simple terms dissolving into admiration and orders of women on a temporary to permanent basis is deemed unworthy to a majority of women and if you have or had been a victim of such than the chances of your girlfriend dumping you was a result of that.

If however you questioned her regarding this and she did not confess it than you need to ask yourself why didn’t she. The answer is simple she just couldn’t. You see admiration is a fundamentally subliminal method that has been doted for many years. so your girl might have not had a clue on why she lost admiration and desire for you.

Did you dish out praises to her frequently?

A lady with any value of high worthiness will begin to have thoughts of a man who dishes out praises to her frequently i.e. as an admiration boy. Think for a mere second of this question do famous and beautiful celebrities go out with their admirers? Not likely, popular celebrities usually go for other celebrities who are aligned with their high worthiness even much higher than their own.

So by praising your previous girl regularly you were actually revealing to her that her high worthiness was greater than yours. So this is what made her lose the admiration that she once had for you and that is what paved way for a breakup to happen.

I can imagine at the moment your reading these reasons and you thinking “oh finally know I know as I had no clue on this is how admiration and desire works and this is where I miss a step”

If you do happen to be thinking exactly what I have just outlined above that I sincerely know how you are feeling and what you are going through for I have also gone through it, however don’t be disheartened as I am available to reveal to you how to declare her back so I urge you to keep reading.
Simple question did you at any chance purchase expensive gifts more especially at the time where she showcased her commands?

Simple ways on how to get your ex-girlfriend back permanently

Constantly handing out expensive gifts to her resulted in her thinking that you were working too hard to buy her admiration. This is what outlines a structure where you are showcasing that you are the one who is working so hard to win her over and hence she senses that she is high-esteemed than you.

Generally speaking women don’t admire guys who they sense some sort of superiority to. So in other words if you were purchasing many gifts you can take that doing as being what caused the death admiration and the relationship.

Did you make it your duty to make her know how important she is to you?

Logically speaking this is what maximizes admiration and desire because every woman wants to be the centerpiece in her man’s life, right?

Not likely. The truth is that as much as a woman wants you to make her a top priority in your life she also at the other hand wants a man that is not too attached to her and a man who gets to do other things in his life that doesn’t consist of her. So if you have made your life revolve around her this will lead to a scenario where she views that she has wholeheartedly won you over, and the bad thing about that is that women easily get bored of guys they have completely won over. Want to know why? It simply makes a woman believe that she can do a bit of an improvement and that is one thing you don’t wish to make your previous girlfriend to think.

Women desire that feeling of being challenged when they are with a guy. She desires to have that feeling of knowing that she has fully won you but not too much and the easy way to make her stay glued on the relationship and from being bored. It should be your responsibility that you don’t allow her mind to feel that she has fully won you.

Have you already issued three yes answers for the

  • first five questions I have mentioned?

If so than you need to put aside the remaining guidelines of this step and follow through to the next step. the reason for this is that yeses that are above three at this angle make it visibly clear that what we have is a class A dilemma.

A majority of separations that have resulted in a woman initiating the breakup fall in the explanations I mentioned in class A. however don’t fret as I invented these steps more for this kind of predicament than any of the others.

The next step that you should do now is to watch the video clip that I have spent a few days compiling that will guide you through the simple and easy method of how to get your ex-girlfriend back for a class A dilemma like this one. The above video clip is viewed or watched by many due to so much popularity however it won’t be available for long so I urge you to watch it before it fades.


Did you pressure your devotion to her?

    Once again revealing that she has you fully by the horns like this will lead her to get bored which will commensurate to decrease levels of admiration that most likely attributed to a breakup. This in turn will also show to her that you don’t own any other feasible dating choices,

  • if you did have these choices you wouldn’t be too plunged into the idea of pressuring yourself to devoting yourself to her

By having a few feasible dating methods indicates to her that your high worthiness is smaller than hers, this ultimately means her admiration for you is likely to fade.

Did you at any given day contact her first?

Women are similar to cats. The more you run after them the more they run away. However if you woo them in they will drop their guard and come to you without any persuasion .constantly trying to make contact to her and text messaging her most likely led her to believe you were chasing her. So you might be thinking how does this kill off admiration?

Well here’s why


  • You seem frantic for her attention

By exhibiting some form of desperation she ultimately comes to the realization that you have no choices for connecting with a female, this in turn decreases your high worthiness in her eyes. Hence admiration decreases with a decrease in high worthiness.

  • Her high worthiness is in the same value as yours

When she believes this is due to the fact that you are chasing her on a frequent basis. She then makes the conclusion that maybe subconsciously that man with high worthiness especially for her would delay to be contacted over half of the time. If he’s a high worthiness guy then why would he have to put in so much work? He shouldn’t.

  • You are consciously worried about what she does when you are not around her

From here she can tell and see that you distrust your own dating value to a degree where she could go out there and find herself a new man. If you happen to distrust yourself than chances are she will distrust you as well. Hence leading to decreased attraction.

The most important thing that I need you to perceive is that to your former girlfriend or any other woman your high worthiness which is regarded as high esteem is as high as your habit makes it to be and is minimally in correlation to your job, attributes and cash flow. This leads me to this that no man reading this has any justification over not knowing how to be the type of man his former partner desires for a partnership.

You see you are the one who directs the level of high worthiness that ladies see in you this simply means that you have what it takes to generate your ex-girlfriend back and even better get women that are way beautiful than she is that’s if you crave for them. This is what has led me to formulate this tool guide to assist you to be a handsome guy who has this innate strength that is above any woman

  • Did you happen to profess you love her before she did?

This is another event that she has captured you and that the task that you have has been overcome. This is where boredom comes in and it in no time you are bound to find yourself searching on the internet ways on how to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Yes as much as that could be hard words to swallow but because I need you to draw her back and for you as a man to learn from this hard lesson , I already know what is it that you need to know and I am saying all of this to help you .

When there were choices that needed to be made in the relationship did you always make her be the one who always makes these choices?

How to get back with your ex-girlfriend

Women are naturally submissive and all times they desire their men to be the direct opposite . So when you always leave all the decision making upon her she views this as being a submissive act and conversely she views herself as being the one who is in charge and this is the same position that women are not naturally capable of doing.

This than leads her to believe that you are not man enough to be in control and take the lead and when she sees weakness in you this then results in the admiration she once felt for you to go down the drain. Since back in the days women have had this evolution of only being attracted to strong men and not weak men.
-Did she at some point always act less of a woman but you would always be the one to apologize even if she was in the wrong?

If you let a woman control you and ride over you this calls for a recipe for loss of respect. Actually any form of respect that she might have for you want to know why? This is due to the fact that a high esteemed man is much worthy of her respect in her eyes.

When a lady loses respect for a man this transforms into lost admiration because a woman can’t feel admiration for a guy she does not respect or she feels is superior. So if you went as far as apologizing to her even at times when she was the one who was in the wrong than you can increase the respect and admiration that was lost because ladies don’t have any interest for men who are submissive. In their eyes submissive men equates to low worthiness men.

  • Did her inappropriate ways distress you emotionally?

Did she at some point revert you to feel negatively emotional due to her inappropriate ways? If yes than she did this because she saw you as a weak man and just like I said women don’t have any interest for weak men and thus this is what leads to less or lost admiration.

Take note:
if you sense that I am questioning your own views on how you handle relationships however as I mentioned there’s light at the end of the tunnel. That is why figuring out what went wrong so that when you implement my how to get your ex- girlfriend back steps you will not be blocking the benefits of those steps by acting in a manner which resulted you in being dumped at the very beginning.

  • were you more affectionate than she was?

The how to get your ex-girlfriend back guide

When exhibiting affection more than she does this is another typical example of a man that is trying so hard than the woman and this leads her to see her own high worthiness being at a higher level. She than sees this due to the fact that when you try so hard in a relationship ultimately you are viewed as a man who is reimbursing for his/her low worthiness which equates to reduced admiration.

  • when it came to being intimate with her were you the one who always initiated sex?
  • Did you ask her to try out new positions?
  • Or did you just let her to always be the one who takes the lead in bed?

This is yet another typical example of a woman seeing you as weak when you don’t take the lead in the sex department of a relationship. There is no leadership being shown in this stance and automatically the female submissiveness takes over as being more dominant thus leading to a load of admiration being lost.

Fortunately though the same loads of lost admiration can be acquired in the bedroom and by me assisting you.You can get her to have sex with you and I am willing to show you ways on how to utilize the bedroom to ensure that her admiration for you remains rocket high. So are interested? If so continue reading on.

Do you happen to have photos of the both of you where she is focused on the camera while you on the hand you are focusing more on her?

This is another example which shows that you were more inclined and attached to the relationship than she was. Want to know why? Because when you took the photo and your focus was on her but conversely she is not as focused to you it becomes clear to her that you are more submissive than dominant. And if she somehow knew that you were more into her than she was she would’ve later gone on to be bored from not being challenged in the relationship or by you. She would have the thought of “if I can get him committed to me this much than maybe there is someone way better out there for me”
-did you ever at one point ever believe that in your eyes that she is the type of woman that has a high worthiness value?

If throughout reading this page you have been answering more yeses than no’s than chances are you will answer yes to this above question as well. Why? Well when you automatically as a guy you believe that your partner is the best you create an aura which boils out all this trying so hard drastic measures which in a woman is super unattractive just like I mentioned.

Have you answered yes to a few of the questions I have asked?

If so than you now know that loss of admiration is the reason why you and your ex-girlfriend separated. if you acted in more than three of the mentioned ways above during the impending phases of your relationship with your former partner, than the real reason why she left you and you lost her is because her admiration for you died out. She might have told you some crazy out of line reason for the breakup but the actual fact that you have answered yes to the mentioned questions above as well as with the level of logical sense that I gave makes it easier to reveal that death of admiration is without a shadow of a doubt the real cause of the breakup.

  • What about the proof that my philosophy highlights the truth?

If somehow you have been utilizing a lot of the habits I questioned you about in the questions mentioned above and you happen to have also been dumped. than the reason those two things happened in your life and that I could issue out both regardless of the fact that I don’t even know you that alone should be the proof you require.

  • How to get your ex-girlfriend back and back her fall in love with all over again.

Chances are the moment you feel like nothing will ever work or that you will never win. A lot of the strategies for keeping your woman have unluckily worked against you and this might leave you to question if what the hell do I do now and
how can I get my ex–girlfriend back?

What you need to do right about this moment is to view my video clip that shows the simple ways that are important to declare back your ex just like in class A mentioned above. I believe that the ways or steps will shock you. Click here if you desire to watch my video clip right now!

Just to clarify: click here if you have answered to more than three yeses to the above questions and thus in a class A dilemma

this link will take you to the class A video clip

How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back
Class B: did you end up being too wired into a solid relationship?

It is highly possible for a woman to be highly admired by her man but later on dump him despite this. It’s the kind of predicament where she definitely yearns for you but at the same time feels she can’t. Want to know why? This is due to something about the way you behave and act is making her feel like you are not attached or devoted to her. She senses that as much as she’s attracted to you, you don’t have what it takes to grant her what she demands and needs from a relationship as in support her instead of sleeping around with other women

  • This is how you figure out if this is your dilemma:

Just have a flashback of your relationship with her in the preceding days, weeks, months and year/s and ask yourself these questions

  • Did the relationship at some point fail to grow?

In terms of their fertility and procreation women are ticking time bombs and you have to know that there is some logical segment of your previous lover’s subconscious which pushes her into the mission of procreating. So this simply means that there has to be some evolution in a relationship in a woman’s eyes that reveals to her they are on sequence to procreate.

I am not saying to you that you should have been searching to have a child or two with her no I am not saying that at all. What I really mean is that the partnership should have had a gradual evolution into a more meaningful terrain. Ladies need to know that this type of evolution because it highlights to them that the union could end up supplying them what Mother Nature envisioned and that is to have kids.

So if it happens that the union with her remained the same for a lengthy time or in other terms you did not progress and grow than this in her eyes affected her want for growth. This would have made her see that you are simply not the man who has what it takes to have a long endured relationship with her that will ultimately lead to a family. She will than have viewed you as a low-leveled man, broke up with you and left you to find a man who presents signals of being more devoted.

  • What are the symptoms of lack of relationship growth?

If there has been any situation where she voiced to you that she desires something to brew among the both of you however you declined to make what she wished for happen in the preceding days or weeks she showed she needed it

Not having to be an exclusive duo after she has given you some signs that she wants the relationship to be at some particular
stage at 3 months

If you had not moved in together after she has given you subtle signs that she wants to do so in the preceding 3 months

Continuation of utilizing contraception after she has hinted that she desires to have a child a while back
Not asking her for her hand in marriage after she gave you subtle clues that she desires to get married six months ago.

  • Did you at some point act mean to her?

Acting like a jerk to a woman is actually good for a relationship. It is a known fact that most women tend to fall for bad guys and that nice men always tend to finish last. Believe me it is true however if a man has somehow become too much of a bad guy to his woman the woman will feel like the connection has waned off.

When a woman senses some level of disconnection from her man because of decreased emotional availability or over excessive-ness of the bad boy behavior. she will begin to believe that he is not keen enough to make a stable lover. She will sense that she can’t get too close to you which deep down in her heart is what she desires the most in a relationship because attachment or closeness reveals to her so that should things turn upside down a guy doesn’t just pack up and leave her alone. So that is why many women dump guys for this.

  • were you always aloof and made her feel like you are not attached?

If you somehow did not put any effort in the relationship with your woman this ultimately makes the woman believe that it’s her duty to be the one who always calls and message. He on the other feels no remorse or sympathy over a woman’s problems she might be going through. He could even be the type of guy that fails to initiate intimacy due to playing it cool.

There is no doubt that most women find guys that are not too attached sexy. The same way that most women find bad guys or guys that act like jerks attractive because they feel that you don’t have to try so hard to get their attention. But if you do too much of the acting like a jerk and being aloof thing your woman will view you as being uninterested.

This will than result in your woman going uninterested in you too. Again she later feels disconnected from you and thinks that you are being aloof and so she is left with no choice but to eventually break up with you , leaving you to than figure out ways on how to get your ex-girlfriend back.

  • -did you show way too much worthiness?

There is nothing wrong with a man who shows off with his high worthiness but if a man outshines his worthiness as in he showcases being too level headed too often> it will later flop on him.

Why you might ask? Surely the more good things she knows about you, the more she will be attached to you?
Not likely…

A majority of women tend to live ordinary and simple lives in other words she might find it hard to connect to you and the lavish lifestyle you live, the expensive car and the big mansion that you told her about. And if she finds it hard to connect to you due to the fact that she perceives you as being superior to her she will eventually go cold and adopt the no contact rule on you. She will see that you are definitely out of her standard than this will lead to her breaking up with you.

So as you can see

Class A consists the polar opposite acts of class B. in class B those acts stem from some weakness however in Class B these are the acts or behaviors of a man who has not granted you adequate things so the woman believes this man also does not have what it takes to be being her long term partner.

However if class B tailors to your situation than you stand a great chance of rekindling your former girlfriend back just as long as you hit the right strides from here. Move on to the next phase and I will reveal to you how to get your ex-girlfriend back!

If you have answered yes to the above mentioned questions click here and note that you are a class B man.
Class C Did at some point you or her move to another location?

This happens to be the simplest situation which allows you to discover how to get your ex-girlfriend back – a circumstance where either you or your ex located to a new place and then your relationship went through a long distance phase made it relatively impossible for your relationship to be healthy.

Are you asking why I feel this is the simplest? Well it is because you only split up due to distance meaning that the admiration she senses for you is still available. As a matter of fact it might have even become heightened since women often dislodge on liking which they cannot have and that is you.

So if you happen to be a class C man here is how to get your ex-girlfriend back

Firstly you need to relocate to the same location which she is now residing in so that the whole long distance problem is resolved, and after you have done that you need to do some of the things mentioned here which I will show you right now….

If you have answered yes to above mentioned questions click here as you are classed as a class C man.
Step 3. Use the solution for the breakup class that your love related dilemma falls into – for a majority of guys it is usually class A

  • Now it is decision making time so are you a

Class A: which is the nice guy who she has lost admiration for over 95 per cent of men on my website fall into this class

Class B: this is the type of man who she senses she couldn’t create a solid foundation witha small portion of guys fall under this class

Class C: this is the type of guy who resided far from her which led to making the relationship too hard to be maintained a small fraction of guys also fall into this class

  • Click on any of the above class you fall into now!


  • How to get your ex-girlfriend back in 4 steps


First figure out whether it was you or your previous girlfriend that initiated the breakup
Get the actual reason of the breakup


  • Initiate the no contact rule for a specific time


Message your ex-girlfriend and create a spontaneous conversation and then afterwards make a plan to meet up with her and act admirable when you see her.


  • How to get your ex-girlfriend back rules


Step 4: watch my free video clips which outlines every step on how to maximize the chance of winning your ex-girlfriend back up to a more than 97 per cent level.

Right about now we will begin with something that will issue you a strong outcome with less effort. A knowledgeable and extremely smart old chap of mine showed me an easy way that led my ex-girlfriend to go insane for me and it took less than 3 minutes to do while I was sitting glued to my computer. To declare a woman back it’s vital.

Click on the button below to go to thevideo clip right now.

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