How to get your ex-wife back

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How to get your ex-wife back? Are you trying to win back your ex-wife back? After many hours of trying to find out a way on how you can get back together with your ex-wife. You have now somehow landed yourself on this site. Maybe you have been on my site for a while and now you are searching for meaningful ways to return back your ex-wife. Or maybe you are a first timer who has been left by your wife and you are searching for a well put together plan that will enable you to be able to put thoughts in your situation.

Whatever your case might be let me be the first to welcome you to the how to get your ex-wife back site that will finally make you stop searching at other sites.

how to get your ex-wife back

Welcome to the get your ex-wife recovery!

Before we precede further let me begin by saying that before I invented this site I did not think for a split second that it would blow up. As I had thought that it would be a small project to see how well this project would go. A year later I am proud to say that I have helped a majority of women and assisted a good segment of people get their previous lovers back.

When I invented this site I did not even think that it would at the end help as many desperate men get back together with their exes and that I would get a number of men asking me to help them and find ways on hot to get your ex-wife back get back together. Thus I didn’t even think about what a disastrous predicament that the same men who desired their ex-wives back would be in suffering so much. However I have good news as all of that is about to change. For the preceding weeks I have been planning and putting together details to compile a huge step by step guide that can assist many men who desire their ex-wive’s or fiancés back, luckily though this guide is available just for that.

I am willing to show you how to get your ex-wife back and that is where I come in.

If I were to tell you that I have compiled a highly in demand method where I will show you every detail on how you can get your ex-wife back. All it takes to be on your way to winning back your ex-wife is to just click the button below.

If you desire to get access to step by step guide on how to get your ex-wife back this is highly in demand. I figured it would be kind of nice if I would show you some of the positive reviews that women have gained through my highly in demand how to get your ex-wife back guide.

There are a number of positive testimonials from clients who are on my private face book group and there are many more that you can find inspirational so that they can build your confidence to winning your ex-wife back.
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how to get your ex-wife back

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What the how to get your ex-wife back guide will entail

I am going to tell you straight up that this how to get your ex-wife back guide is probably better than any other available product or book available on the market that promises you that it can help you win back your ex-wife and what is even great is that it does not have to cost you that much. However with the number of clients that I have gained due to this project I have gotten very busy and thus will not be able to show you everything on how to get your ex-wife back.

However have no worries as I have got your back and will provide you with the best possible solution. You see a few months back I began to notice a few hitches with my site. Through engaging with my clients and frequent visitors such as yourself I began to realize that you required more information. Not just any information but massive informative information. You required me to dish out more details about women. Well here is where the problem is because for me to equip you with every single information you need to know the way in which the mind of a woman functions.

Essentially this is my guide to help many man across the world to know how to get your ex-wife back. If you really desire ways behind the method I have compiled on this page I highly suggest that you have a look to it. You don’t have to do it right away because at the moment I want you to understand the things I am discussing first on this page. As you have been noticing I have been putting in many links throughout this page. I will continue to be doing so in effective places which I feel will be able to grant you more information so that you can succeed. So now that we have discussed that let us put it away and let’s get into the real deal and that is how to get your ex-wife back.

What the how to get your ex-wife back guide will entail

  • Some of the most natural causes of why couples get a divorce or separate
  • What happens in the mindset of a man after he has gone through a divorce or separation?
  • I will be discussing ways if you will need to re-attract your ex-wife or not?
  • How to become better than you were before
  • When to utilize the no contact rule
  • How to go about setting smart goals
  • Effective text messaging and calling techniques
  • How to get your ex-wife to be devoted to you again

If the stuff I have mentioned does not make any logical sense don’t fret because at some stage it will after you have read this page. If you really want to maximize the chance of reconciling back in love with your ex-wife than it is compulsory that you thoroughly read this guide from the beginning till the end; There is definitely no room for slacking on this method. So without any further ado let’s begin!

Precautions to take and the way your mind functions that will help you to get your ex-wife back

If there is one thing that people should know about me is that I don’t believe in promising people false things. There is a high probability that you might not get back together with your ex-spouse. As hurtful as that might sound it is the ultimate truth. One thing I know for certain is that you came to this page due to the fact that you are scared that you might lose your ex-wife to someone else forever right? So let’s lay everything out on the table. You are not going to reunite with your ex-hubby especially not in the way that you are doing things. I can almost guarantee that the emotions you are feeling at the moment range from being scared, fearful and most likely stressed. You could also be terrified that you might do or say something that will only push your woman even further away. If you desire to stand a great shot at rekindling with your ex-wife. You must know that there is no room for being desperate, depressed and being fearful.

What I want you to do is to conquer your fears I want you to visualize a life without your ex-wife even if it seems impossible to do. Yes, I know there was a point in time in your life where you had moments that were breathtaking with her which later showed you or gave you signs that she could be the one. You might have also believed that this woman is your other half and without her you just can’t seem to make it. Sadly this is not true you can lived your life without her because before you met her and you can still live your life without her again.

So in order for me to do my job accordingly and raise your chance of how to get your ex-wife back there is a small thing that I need from you and that is to alter your mindset. I want you to have that mentality that I want her back but I don’t need her back. In simple terms you should ensure that at all costs you don’t let your life revolve around getting her back. You need to take the time to focus on only one person and that is you at the moment. If you do this you will be amazed at how many great things will happen in your life and also make her to see what she is missing out in you.

Naturally common divorce/separation causes

Before I divulge into the common reasons I firstly need to tell you the reason why I have combined both divorce and separation together. You see divorce and separation are two different things. However for the method that I am going to suggest to you on this guide you will be required to treat these as one hence a breakup.
Yes I know a divorce is a more deeply hurting way of breaking up with someone you love because many things are entailed in the divorce process such as valuable assets, money and kids. Hence that is why to increase the odds of you wanting to know how to get your ex-wife back which is why you need to factor in divorce and separation as one.

The number one essential thing you have to try before you commence any action on how to get your ex-wife back is to seek out reasons that led to the separation or divorce in the beginning. So what I have done is compiled some of the most solid reasons on why married couples part ways.

How to get your ex husband back

For example

  • Infidelity
  • Lack of communication
  • Being lazy
  • Big alterations in priorities

1. Infidelity

This topic is always hard for me to talk about. This is because it literally feels like your heart has been repeatedly strike by a knife by someone you loved and cared for. Research has proven that cheating and affairs in marriages are very common. So whenever I do investigative work for this site I always ensure that I leave my own personal stories out of the way and I deal with what I am fully certain about. However though I must admit that when it comes to this sensitive topic of cheating I just somehow can’t resist the temptation.

There are some complications whereby I feel that if a wife has cheated on you than you shouldn’t try to get back together with her unless when you can come to a root cause of her cheating and solve that problem. These complications of being cheated on several times, cheating with many people and cheating with one person often; You see the types of women that generally engage in such behaviors are not the type of women to be involved in a serious relationship with. Maybe if they did it once it can be forgiving but doing it over and over again than it becomes a serious issue. So according to me, I think you shouldn’t be scratching your head on hot to get your ex-wife back if that was the reason for your separation

1. Lack of communication

Remember being married is being in a dual partnership so it is not about you.
Almost every couple who has separated faces this problem. Being in a relationship means that you need to always commute and engage with your partner. So if there is some degree of lack of communication in your relationship than overall your relationship is lacking. It is even more important for couples who are married as the way that you communicate with one another affects the status of your marriage. Decreased levels of communication actually brew a separation or divorce to happen. If you and your partner don’t communicate as much it is probably because you are lazy however the number one suspect of lack of communication is due to someone having an affair.

1.Being lazy

You believed that it would be simple right?
There was a point where you felt that life was just perfect by being together until problems started cropping up. The fact is that marriage is a team effort that requires lots of hard work to be rendered by both partners. You have to make the relationship/marriage work by meeting your better half half way, compromise and wholeheartedly give your trust over.

If any one of you is too lazy to invest time and effort that a marriage needs than you are most likely no longer together. Fortunately you can look on the sunny side though as there is help on how to get your ex-wife back.

1.Big alterations in priorities

There are no rules when it comes to human thoughts and feelings. Good people can go bad and bad people can conversely go well. The end result right here is that every individual has room to change. If you believe that your ex-wife has changed then chances are that the dynamics of your marriage is what led to the changes of your marriage.

How to better understand women after divorce/separation

If you want to desire ladies and utilize that understanding to your own favor than you need to check out the how to get your ex-wife back guide. There is one particular person at some point who asked me how he can better understand her ex-wife after a terrible divorce. The simple thing I told was for him to imagine being blind folded and with a few dart boards because when it comes to divorce guys happen to be all over the place.

In this phase what I am going to try and engulf you into how the mind of a woman who has just gone through a divorce operates. A word of caution just be careful because you might find yourself being a bit terrified at what you will find. I know you might be wondering what makes me able to engage about a serious topic when I myself have never been divorced. I will admit that it crashes my reputation a bit I do though have a perspective about it because I have many friends that have gone through a divorce.

With my friends talking about their experiences and actually seeing them at a different pubs trying to score with women I can admit that I have a perfectly clear understanding of what a divorce/separation is capable of doing to a man.

No matter what you will always believe that you are to blame

As much as these words may seem harsh but this may or may not be true.

If there is one thing that is hard to understand it happens to be how the mind of a woman operates. As much as there are many people who also say the same thing about men. However as a woman I would like to think that it isn’t only men who are insane. I literally really believe that women are insane too. George once said that women are crazy and women are stupid. And just as simple as that the main reason why women are crazy is due to the fact that women are stupid. Yes I fully agree and admit that men are also stupid and the reason I say this is because when I was still young and very immature I was once in a relationship with a girl.

So I and this girl were not really in a fantastic relationship. We had a lot of arguments and I happen to have been constantly envy of how much admiration she would show off to other women as opposed to showing it off to me. The envy and jealousy later turned into extreme rage which led me to start off fights just for the sake of it due to the fact that I was not happy. Worse part is that every time I would start these unnecessary fights with her I would always use a thing she did a while back and make it seem like everything is her fault.

So that is why I firmly believe that men are simply just stupid.

The biggest lesson that I want you to learn from this segment is that there is a high chance that you will be deemed at fault for the separation/divorce. Even if you happened to have been husband material and did everything to please your wife you will be at fault. The thing is many women like throwing in the victim card to men. Ok maybe this is not really true however the truth is people love blaming other people.

Although I must admit I have seen men who were extreme cheaters blame their partners for them having these affairs. It is really disappointing when I see this happen.

You must be asking why I am I telling you all of this. Well I simply want you to be prepared for being at fault for your divorce or separation or whatever else. Although it might not all be entirely true but is compulsory that you develop that don’t be too sensitive mentality so that whatever people say or think that you are not affected by it.

The longing sadness inside.

I happen to have two friends who happen to be both divorced. The one wants nothing to do with his wife and the other does not. They both handled their divorce in their different ways but one thing that remains the same among the both of them is that longing feeling of sadness inside. I believe I am different than many people in a way as I happen to see the world in a different scope than most people do.

Many people would view my friend’s situation and not see the sadness that I happen to see. Many would think the way that he is handling his divorce is impressive but the truth of the matter as much as the outer impression can say that inside there is that sad and longing feeling.

Because I really respect my friend I am going to keep their names strictly confidential. What I am going to do is to refer them as
divorcee A and divorcee B.

So we will proceed with
divorcee A
because I happen to find his predicament interesting. How I actually met this guy is through my uncle who happened to be his best pal. He was a very outspoken guy who just went through a divorce. So anyways we both ended up visiting a nearby sport bar.

He immediately saw a possible match and they immediately started up a conversation. I on the other hand did not see her as being the type of woman I would go for but this guy happened to be desperate to get someone to be in a partnership with. I didn’t pay any more attention to her afterwards as I was also busy chatting away with some group members. However about a couple of minute’s later divorcee A walked up to me and started talking to me. He did mention that he wanted to have sex with the woman he just met at the sport bar.

Well I honestly believe that you could do better than you think.

He had that look on his face and that shocked her that there could be someone who would be so direct with her. He would always talk about his ex-wife and worse call her name by every bad word you can think of. However things changed he acknowledged that I was direct with him and it in a sense gave him a bit of an encouragement and lifted his spirits.

I do think though that he might have been a bit fazed and tipsy from the alcohol he continued to express how he truly felt about his former wife.

    “I can’t believe that she could do that to me. I really don’t get how I ended up here”

The group members saw the guy who happened to be happy and making moves on women at the sport bar but I happened to actually see something very strange and out of picture that evening. I saw a man who was sad now that he has parted ways with his wife.

Divorcee B
is a good pal of mine who has been divorced to his wife for six years.

Even till this day he still happens to despise his wife and to be honest I really don’t blame him. However there is something of interest that I have captioned about him. Although he deeply despises his wife he also at the same time has some degree of care for her. So let me give you a bit of information so you can see what we are currently facing here.

As far as I know divorcee B happens to be a pretty amazing guy. He hardly has cheated on all his relationships and is the type of guy that is devoted to only one woman at a time. Sadly his wife happens to be the polar opposite of her. His former wife actually cheated on him five times with different kind of guys.

She also happened to cheat with his best friend and this happens to be how he caught them. He happened to have knocked off early at work and walked in on the both of them. When he told me this I knew I was really shocked like it was one of those stories you hear about in the movies.

The most fascinating thing about divorcee B is how he handled and acted towards the divorce after the six years has past by. I am quite certain that if you had to ask him if he was completely over his wife he would admit that he is however I happen to witness something that is completely odd about him. He has never been on a date throughout these six years which simply means he has not been in a relationship with anyone in the six years following his divorce.

Self-appointed ego maximization

A majority of guys have big egos. Some happen to be bigger than many others. When you got hitched to your wife his ego happened to get a big increase. There is something surreal about being in love with someone and finally finding a lifetime partner. You get that feeling of contentment of finally finding someone to spend the rest of your life with. But there is something fascinating that happens to guy when he gets hitched; Research has revealed that most women find men that are hitched more admirable than bachelors. I happen to hear this from a couple of friends of mine who happen to be married. “Before I was hitched many women hardly noticed me but now that I am married I seem to get a lot of attention from many women”. It does happen to have some logical sense behind it.

Through my thorough research and engaging in a lot of interactions of women I have learned that women desire to have more than just a fling. Women want men that are serious and are commitment orientated and there is no one that shows that level of commitment than a married man. I am not indicating that this notion happens to every bachelor out there but to a majority of women it does happen. The guy ends up developing a huge ego and being extremely boisterous and over confident.

A guy begins to think that not only does he have the ability to catch any beautiful woman but he can also get other women to beg and want his attention.

The point behind this is to make you understand the reasons behind this notion that has occurred to you. You happen to be the reason behind his hugely inflated ego and extreme confidence. So when the both of you divorced that same high confidence and ego gets destroyed; Before he used to say I have a wife now it’s in the past sense and it is more I have a former wife.

While he might despise you for the divorce/separation even if you were not to blame he will always see herself as a person who failed because he didn’t get a chance to make his marriage last. As an outcome all the high ego, extreme self confidence and worth slowly begins to fade and is substituted with emotions such as stress, sadness and turmoil.

But this is where things get pretty interesting though because this strings into two divorcee’s that I mentioned above. In the example that I mentioned above about the two divorcee’s and how they managed the breakup of a union; If you remember

Divorcee A: he went to a sport bar to pick up ladies to boost his ego.

Divorcee B: has not had any relation with women in six years

At the time of the divorce both these women lost out on their ego and self –confidence and thus found themselves in certain routes which might either have been

Attempt to get over the divorce in a meaningful way
Continue to feel sorry for them and allow sadness and grief to take over.

Sadly both these women decided to take the second route but in different ways. Which I will briefly explain below;

Divorcee A happened to do the very same thing I was meaning to describe in this phase. He formulated a high boost of confidence to help her manage his divorce. His whole identity happened to be focused on his marriage. Bear in mind he happened to be hitched for more than sixteen years to this woman so after he divorced it was like he was living a life of being born again. When he did this he experienced a sense of peace but at the same time everything that entailed around his marriage died the minute his former wife parted from her. He had been so focused on his marriagethat he in some way was addicted to it. So for her to get back to that form of self worthiness he was getting in his marriage he decided to invent his own self-worthiness and ego boost.

In order for this invention of self worthiness and ego boost to work he has to now delve into the world and display it off. This is why divorcee A decided to go to a sport bar and try to hook up with women. As someone who was watching her from afar it was a bit difficult for me to watch her do this. Event though the women who he had made moves on were pleased because he happens to be a decent guy I personally knew he was just using these women to make her feel some sense of self worth.

Divorcee B

Did the same thing as divorcee A only thing that was different is that he did not build some inflated ego to make herself feel better but instead what he did is allow the divorce to beat the hell out of her. As I watched divorcee A make moves on women I somehow felt more agony for divorcee B because he had not developed an interaction with any women in six years. The fact that his wife cheated on her on a deeply rooted way led her to be the kind of person who now has no interest in women.

  • Should I re-admire her or not?
  • Now that you have fully grasped your ex-wife we can now begin reverting our full focus to how to get your ex-wife back. However first there is that one vital question that we must resolve and get an answer to.

    For you want know how to get your ex-wife back, do you believe that you should work your way to re-admiring her?

    I presume that there will be a lot of different opinions and mixed feelings about this question however I believe that in order for one to attract an ex-wife again and get the solution to how to get an ex-wife back than it is a must that you do this. Yes I know that what you tried before did not work. I mean you got this woman to marry you and that is quite big on its own. However at this moment the both of you are separated or divorced which is also quite big. There is something that came in between the both of you that led you and your former wife to be apart. It might have been an affair, communication issues or there was someone’s need mostly emotional that was not met. Whatever it might be there is definite work that needs to be done from both parties involved and the ideal way to re-establish the admiration is to set goals.

    The new and improved relationship

    There was once a point in time in your life where you and your ex-wife were content. The both of you had a blissful life and marriage you were each other’s ride or die and you just couldn’t seem to get enough of each other.

    However that was a story that happened a while now it is time to face the music and realize that things are not so good. He could either despise you even though you still love her or want her back or you might be the one who despises and envy her even though you still want her back or conversely you want her back even though she wants nothing to do with you. I have in the past year worked with many people trying to rebuild their broken relationships. I work my level best to issue them the best advice the type of advice that I have seen bear fruit.

    However in the end all of this is up to the particular individual whether they choose to use my advice tools or not. In certain cases some use it while some don’t. at times those that do not use it they end up coming back to this site and leave comments such as “I have ruined things” “is there perhaps still time for me to make up for what I did.”?

    Now listen I am not saying that my advice will 100% work however I must admit that people who follow it accordingly tend to have a desirable outcome. The ones with the desired outcome have proven to actually have won their ex-wife’s back but later on make another mistake and what they do is to just repeat the same method to get their exes back.

    It is often hard to decipher this but most times what often happens is that I can console someone with the best advice and they win their ex back but later end up splitting up again because they did not have a plan on how to move past the separation/divorce. So in other words what happens is that they are frozen in the past and put too much thought in the past relationship which later leads to their second shot of having a blissful relationship taken away.

    I have grasped this method so well that I now fully understand the main reason why they tend to repeat the same mistakes. It is after-all very difficult to forgive a person who you were at tight ends with for a few days, weeks, months or years. However though if you really desire for this method to work and give you the results you wish for you need to focus on inventing a new and improved relationship on the second try.

    So that should be your massive goal.

    In the former phase I briefly mentioned ways you can go about setting a goal if you want to re-admire your ex-wife. So the official goals on how to get your ex-wife back lies with

    1. attaining her back and
    2. Have a happy-forever themed marriage.

    In order for both these things to happen you need to put effort in formulating a new and improved relationship with your former wife.

    So you must be asking how one actually goes about winning back their previous wife.

    It is quite simple. In life to see improvements you need to make some alterations so that you can achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. So in order for this to both happen and work you have to change on the inside.

    Your new and improved Mindset

    I am going to be brutally honest. Sometimes working on this page makes me exhausted. This is due to the fact that I spend most of my time formulating a well put together guide. When I have at the end completed the how to get your ex-wife guide many visitors visiting this site take a few days to get access to it. However once they do they ask a lot of questions which happen to be visible in my email and comments section of this page. This site has grown tremendously over the past year to the extent that I would find myself getting 100 to 135 inboxes and comments per day with many valuable questions on how to get your ex-wife back.

    Some of the questions that I would usually get would be

    1. Do you believe that I still have a chance?
    2. Do you think that he still feels some form of love for me?
    3. Could his new girlfriend be a rebound?
    4. How can I get my ex-wife back?

    So basically what I am trying to highlight to you is that the type of questions that you are asking me are really out of line and these are the type of questions that are just a waste of time and you shouldn’t be focusing on. Instead of you asking me these questions you should be asking questions like what is it that I can implement in my life to make myself better than what I used to be before so that I can maximize my chances of winning my ex-wife back.

    So before you try this method and guide on how to get your ex-wife back you have to look inside. You have to remember that all of this starts with you. So being in full preparation is the first step to actually how to get your ex-wife back. So let us begin this process by analyzing the physical aspects you can do.

    The Big Issue with Marriage

    So as you know I am not married and therefore for this I had to conduct some intensive research on this topic. I went to my married friends so that they can help me. By utilizing their opinions about marriage I believe I know now what I am talking about.

    There is some big issue with marriage and this issue somehow affects you and the fact is that marriage is quite boring. So before you leave this site due to the anger of my expression please hear me out for a moment and you will see what I really mean.

    You see when the relationship is still new it is fun and exciting but as time goes on that fun and excitement dies off and that new special person becomes boring and old. As a nation we are addicted to the freshness of things like new clothes, new job, new man, new car etc. freshness also happens to factor in relationships which explains why many people hop in from one relationship to another this is due to the fact that they are addicted to everything new and fresh so I know you must be thinking how does this apply to you since you happen to be the one to separate with your wife.

    You see this does apply to you as well but on a different kind of spectrum as everybody else. It might have been either you or your wife felt too comfortable in the marriage. It could be you just let yourself go stopped trying to look good for her. The basic point I am really trying to relay here is that guys are very attentive to things and that is why it is paramount that we do something about this.

    Changes in your outer appearance

    You are about to become a better and improved version of who you were before.

    Guys are visually oriented beings. First impressions are everything to women and I tend to make my mind up about a woman within five seconds after meeting her. So yes your situation might be different to mine as you once were married to your ex-wife and she married you because at some point he felt attracted to you. However that alone is not good enough at least not anymore.

    I know you might be thinking that I am a little hard and harsh but this is what it takes to enable you to win on this path of how to get your ex-wife back. If you desire to see a desirable outcome than big action and changes need to be implemented such as trying our level best to get your former spouse to deeply fall in love with you all over again. In order for this to happen the first big change you must do is to make big changes within yourself. Do you happen to know what the word insanity means?

    Albert Einstein describes it as follows:

    Insanity: expecting different things while doing the same things over and over again.

    So in simple terms what this means you can’t act like the old version of yourself if you want to get your ex-wife back. So if you have exhausted that before and it didn’t work now you know that you need to do something else.

      I highly suggest that you implement the following alterations to your life

    1. Change your diet
    2. Stop smoking
    3. Start exercising
    4. Revamp and improve your wardrobe
    5. Get a new hairstyle
    6. Purchase new clothes

    Why having confidence is important

    Confidence– The point of being sure or certain.

    I am sure you have heard many experts say that you need to be confident but you might have wondered what does it actually mean. Want to know how to go about being confident and what do you have to do to be confident.

    I happen to believe that the way to attaining confidence is through having the ability to defeat your fears. A typical example would be when I was in varsity I had this fear of speaking in front of a large crowd. I recall back whenever it used to be my turn to make speeches or presentations that I would get major stage frights. Things got so bad that at some point I decided to drop out of that class because the fear seemed to be so much. Speaking in front of a large crowd made me so nervous that I lost concentration on what I was trying to say to the extent that even the crowd I was speaking too also later ended up not being attentive towards me.

    I just somehow had this mind block that I believed I was ashamed to admit I was terrified of defeating it. However until about a year ago I decided to study for business English lessons. I enrolled for that course because I believed I wanted to defeat this fear of being afraid of speaking in a large crowd. I wanted so much to prove to myself that I could be confident looking in front of a crowd of business English graduates. What was fascinating about this course is the fact that the marks one gets for the class were not based on a lecturer or professor.

    So small pocket cards were issued among the students and they had a say in how I presented. This meant that I would get constructive criticism and feed back while confidently speaking in a large crowd of students. A man by the name of maik twain said that courage is the ability to resist fear, mastery of fear and not absence of fear.
    I don’t care what people think but it does take courage and bravery to publicly speak in front of a crowd of more than 50 people and also get them to concentrate on you for solid ten minutes. For me the more I become nervous the more extra prepared I become. So to prepare for this project this is what I did. I formulated the most fascinating presentation that a class had ever seen.

    Yes I admit I wanted to be confident but for me to be confident I understood that I had to get these students attention and to get them to focus on me from the get go. Not only did I have to get their attention but I also had to keep it. I practiced my presentation for a few days I improved my posture and mentally prepared my speech to ensure that I minimize stuttering and using filler words such as umms. I made sure that I had a smile on my face and not to be on the rush to finish. The most important thing to a perfect presentation is to be continually interesting but the most vital key to a great speech is being both interesting and confident.

    So when it was time to do my presentation I am making eye contact to the students and they are making eye contact to me. I recall thinking I have worked so hard and kept on motivating myself that I had the ability to do this. I believed I had the ability to do this even when I am asleep so why was I feeling nervous. However those bolts of nerves exited as soon as I spoke. I just flowed and I happen to feel like I was in my zone. I recall thinking halfway through my speech oh goodness it seems like everyone here is blown away by my presentation and they don’t seem bored or uninterested at all like during my previous speeches. I felt and looked confident but most importantly everyone in that room believed I was confident.

    I wish that somehow I had proof on how confident I felt and looked like have some pictures to show that off. So in those small card notes many of the students described me as being confident I did however get a response that I was too overdressed from one girl.

    So the reason why I am making this example of myself is that almost any person can be confident. As a matter of fact I firmly believe that being confident is really simple. However this is where things can get a bit tricky it takes a lot of work and effort to attain confidence if you already not confidence. Fortunately as they say practice makes perfect and by practicing you won’t just look confident but you will actually be confident.

    No Contact Rule or Not?

    If you happen to be a huge follower of this page you already know that I am a massive believer in the no contact rule. I highly suggest this phenomenon in every dilemma I come to but I am still a bit skeptical of one using it if you want to find ways on how to get your ex-wife back.

    • Lets us examine the reasons why the no contact rule works.

    If you don’t happen to know the real definition of what no contact means well let me enlighten you.
    No contact rule: it is a specific time frame where one has no contact with an ex. This means you can’t see them talk to them on the phone, no messaging on any social media platforms.

    The nice thing about the no contact rule is that it functions as a time a part phase where two couples can relax and think things through. I believe it works more if couples have been used to communicating to one another on a frequent basis. Hopefully I believe that your former wife will begin to miss having you around and want you back.
    The madder they get for you ignoring the more interested they seem to care about whether or not you are thinking of them.

    • Can the no contact rule be utilized on your wife?
      Of course

    As a matter of fact I highly suggest that any woman who has lost her ex-wife to use it. For those lovebirds that were not hitched I usually suggest to make no contact for at least a month. However since you were once married to this individual I suggest taking it a notch further and initiate no communication with her for at least three months. I know you might be thinking to yourself why such a long period of time. Well this is because married couples do tend to have a longer endured union than those that are not married. So by giving your previous wife more time to miss you but also during this three month period you are working on being a better version of you.

    I can understand that sometimes the no contact rule does not work especially in cases where kids are in the scene and in this case you will have to communicate with your ex wife for a number of reasons. If you happen to be in this kind of situation than you can limit the amount of contact you have with your ex-wife .

    Constricted Contact- a specific time that is set to having no contact with your former wife except for some cases. These cases you will restrict or withhold contact to kids only.

    The Game Plan on how to get Your Ex Wife Back

    Before you try to get your ex-wife back you will require having a game plan. Luckily though I have compiled a step by step game plan that has enough information on how you go about getting your former wife back. So without any further ado I present to you your game plan.

    How to get your ex-wife back

    I am sure you might be thinking that none of this makes any logical sense. If you feel that it doesn’t. Don’t fret because it isn’t suppose to anyways. Not yet anyways. What I will do is give you a step by step lay down of the strategy below before I steep down to the essential bits of what you ought to know and most importantly what words to say to your former wife to attain her back.

    The No Contact Rule– I have briefly outlined this topic above. So there is no need to delve more into it but if you have a short memory like me and have forgotten all I have said let me rewind your mind on what I said. Basically what you do on this stage is to initiate no communication with your partner for three months. If you have kids than you can initiate the constricted contact rule;

    Growth – once again I did mention this above on the parts where I mentioned growing in both your mind and physical being. Well this is also important in the no contact rule.

    Messaging Rapport– now I will be delving in this topic in the next phase. It is important that you build text messaging rapport with your previous wife. Also while you are busy building this rapport having conversation control is also vital.

    Good Points– attaining your ex-wife back is about implementing that high energized effect this simply means showcasing the good points of your union in a meaningful way.

    Recommit– after you have tried all these steps it is now time to determine if he is keen in recommitting. If you find that he is than hooray you have just won her back. however if not than there is something that you can try that will ensure that he recommits but I have to tell you that it will need for you to keep reading a bit more.

    Once you have done all this it is time to see if he will be willing to recommit. If he is (then you just got your wife back.) If not, then I have something that you can do that will make her recommit but it will require more reading from you.

    Messaging Rapport

    It is not a simple task to build text messaging rapport with an individual who really is not content about you. Luckily I am available to give you lessons on how you can go about doing that in an innocent and impressive way. However first I have to dish out a few things to you.

    I know you must be wondering why messaging? You were hitched to this man so why should you text message her instead of calling? Well here is the problem I seem to have with calling. As I have discussed above I happen to encounter many interactions with different kinds of women on a frequent basis. So I have literally heard them tell me every story that I can possibly think of. However one that has always stood out to me is the one where they say that “I made contact with my ex boyfriend/wife and it somehow just made things go from bad to worse.”

    You see I happen to believe that contacting an ex is tricky. You are most likely expected to know what you have to say and at the same time not lose your cool. A few days back a pal of mine contacted me and wanted me to give out advice about guys. I was more than happy to assist her but I somehow ran into a dilemma. I realized that the advice I was dishing out to her was not even close to being good as it was on my site.

    After the conversation that we had on the phone I started wondering why was this the case. It took me a while to fully understand but eventually I figured everything out and realized while speaking to her on the phone I couldn’t somehow think through the solution.

    The thing is when I dish out advise on this site I happen to have everything planned out. I have a certain procedure or protocol that I follow. So in other words for me to dish out essential advice I have to have time to think things through.

    Basically what I am meaning to say is that advising you on the phone on how to get your ex-wife back will be totally different to how I explain it on my site. This is due to the fact that I have not had enough time to think things thoroughly through so in other words it is merely just thought processes for that given moment not something that is well thought of. I like to describe what I have just said as viewing a chess game. It is not the fast player that wins chess it is always the more focused and slow one that wins.

    The Rules of messaging

    What I am going to do now is give you basic rules that you need to adhere to. I will not dive too deep onto these rules because I have briefly outlined them throughout this site.

    1. Make sure that you let the conversation have a flow if you happen to do this than what will happen is that it will appear as you chasing her and not the other way around.
    2. Make sure that you are the one who gets to speak the last word.
    3. Don’t for any chance beg, or plead because doing that will definitely decrease your chances.

    Rapport beginner Text Messages

    There is something that you need to know before we begin this and that the process to getting back with your ex-wife is something that will take a lengthy time so it will not happen overnight. At the very beginning of the small segment of the text messaging of the game plan your goal is not to win her back. However your goal at this stage is to have a conversation that you get to start and end. Ensure that you are friendly while commuting however also heed from making the conversation too long.

    You must be asking me what the point of all of this is.

    This process is important as it warms your way into your ex-wife heart. You see you can’t just go in high drive with all the past emotional baggage. You need to create a rapport for a couple of weeks before you do that. So lets see a couple of my most favored rapport text messages.

    • The “have you heard” text

    The main reason behind why this text message works is the fact that it makes a conversation to be interesting.
    Have you heard what happened yesterday or last night?

    Many people will be interested to know what it that happened yesterday or last night is. Once you have got his attention you can than start a conversation with her even a brief one and than end it with some of the tips I outlined above.

    • The “you won’t believe what I just saw” text

    This conversation beginner borders on the risky side than the above because at this stage you are just making an assumption that you and your previous lover still possess feelings of love for each other. The most important thing to remember with using this is to utilize something that you know will pique your lover’s interest. I will be explaining a bit of that in the next section but by using this to tickle his memory box.

    By combining both these text messages together you stand a better chance at building rapport with your ex. Talk about something that will interest her. So first mention the have you heard than shortly after mention the you won’t believe what I just saw text. What you are really trying to do here is to see his response on the small but blissful memories.

    Good Points

    This is the point where things get interesting.

    I briefly mentioned the buffy notion I suggest that you scroll back up and read about it because round about now this is what we are hoping to attain in this section. If you are lazy to read up than I will give you a brief description of it.

    Buffy notion– for you to make your wife to return back to you and keep desiring to return back to you; It is important that you showcase the good points of the union in a meaningful way.

    I hope that you can see what exactly you are trying to attain here. If you happen to be confused I understand and I don’t put you at fault. So permit me to explain a bit more.

    Have you ever heard anything about the halo effect?

    This concept is vital to memorize because it is going to highlight the buffy notion and all else that we are attempting to attain in this section so I urge you to listen carefully.

    • There is something that is called a halo effect.

    Halo Effect– this is when a specific attribute takes over the bad spectrum of a personal effect.

    I am certain that there is that one pal that you have that is always in a relationship with a guy who is bad news. You and the other friends can sense and feel that this guy is totally not right for her but she somehow is too stubborn to see that and is love blinded by all the bad spectrum that he possesses. So that is exactly what a halo effect is. It is when one good or positive attribute overtakes almost all of his bad qualities.

    Many people perceive the halo effect as something that is bad. However I beg to differ and I am going to show you ways on how you can utilize it to your own benefit.

    I was a bit scared and anxious on penning down this in depth guide due to the fact that an individual who has just been divorced or separated has a lot to factor in when trying to win back an ex. However through learning about the halo effect I became more at ease. This method can be very potent because you can utilize it to minimize the bad attributes that you’re ex views in you.

    How do you do that exactly?

    You will have to utilize many emotional good points in your union with your spouse to stand as that supreme halo effect.

    • You must be excited and think that should be simple.

    Well believe me it isn’t. The best way to ensuring that you make this work is through making sure your ex senses and feels some form of emotions about the experiences you have chosen. For now I am going to strike the stop button for a while because I believe that you are a bit puzzled. Since I am dishing out words such as the buffy notion and the halo effect you must be scratching your head thinking what the heck?

    Well, don’t worry as below I have outlined the makings of how the process works:

    Step A: formulate a text message that will provoke an emotional stimuli from a positive experience that you shared from the past with your former wife

    Step B: continue with the process to a point where you have at least three positive emotional stimuli’s from your previous wife

    Step C: after achieving three positive emotional memories your former wife’s perspective about you should be altered to viewing you as the affectionate and romantic lover that he once felt in love with < i.e. the halo effect >

    How to Create An Emotional Text Message

    • Information and more information
    • You need to always ensure that you include a lot of information

    The most important thing to utilize to selecting a good emotional experience with your ex wife lies with the more information you have. At this moment the only person that matters is your wife and not you. You have to select an emotional experience that you are certain will affect her in a strong and deep way.

    As time goes on you need to make use of this strategy and I hope at that point you see how crucial telling a story is. Your former wife wont sense or feel anything if you don’t engage in some form of story telling; The text message that you send out to your ex-wife should outline some sort of story. It should be in a way that it reminds your ex-wife how his heart used to beat fast whenever they would have an encounter with you. The most important thing to remember is to try and make their mind have some sort of flashback. You want to make her think is this secretive information good or bad? The more you keep her guessing the more interested they will be with your preceding text message. It is crucial that you end the conversation after you have sent your emotional text message and possess a good reply because your aim is to make your ex want more.

    Getting your ex to Recommit

    At this stage this is really where things should be coming into fruition. This is a point where you have to make a move to meet up with your ex and have a conversation about the potential status of the relationship. Hopefully at this point your former wife would have asked to meet up with you. If he has not than you should call her and ask her to meet up with you.

    • It is important to keep your cool when you are making this call.

    A rule that you should remember is that you need to keep things plain and simple. Remember you are just calling her to meet up with you nothing more so try and make it not sound as if it is that of a bigger deal.
    The reason for this is that if he senses any pressure he may easily decline and the last thing that you need is for something like that to happen. So what I recommend you do is to call her and ask her out for a relaxed lunch date in public, during the day where booze will not be involved.

    The reason why I say no booze should be involved is the fact that it makes people do really idiotic things.

    Many of relationships are full of problems which make those relationships to become dysfunctional. You find those couples are still together but when in actual sense they totally live a very separate lives. This is a situation where you will need a spell to rejuvenate your relationship. Cast a magic spell now and get your relationship back on truck.

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