Make a man chase you

Make a man chase you

Are you tired of having to chase your man around like a love sick puppy? Are you crushing on some guy and you want him to be the first one to approach you? Do you want your man to chase you around? Do you feel that it is impossible to make a man chase you around? Are you looking for some plan that will make a man chase you not the other way around? Well, to make a man chase you around can be hard but that does not mean it is impossible. To make a man chase you, you must first stop chasing him. That will make him more interested you and want to chase you. If really want to make a man chase you, you need to follow these simple step.

1. Catch him staring at you and walk right by:

It is much easier to catch a man to staring at you and walk straight to him a start a conversation. That can make him be thrilled to talk to you and fall in love with you more and more. Perhaps he can become more attracted by this very beautiful woman he is seeing walking in front of him and be more eager to know more about her. So do not panic when you catch him looking and you and do not say hi or anything just smile and pass. Rather give him enough time to stare at you, let him make the first move and if you are sure that there is a possibility to see him next time make sure that you appear in the same place next time so to meet him again. Surely he will be more excited to see you again.

2. Live your own life:

Men are more interested on women that are confident, women who can be able to live their own lives. If you are the kind of women, who are career driven and the kind of woman who shown to be not afraid to be alone and find happiness within her then any man will find that more interested and surely he will be attracted to you. And he will want nothing but to get to know you better. Try to find you self a very interesting hobbies something that you care about too much. It could be that you like to read or maybe do charity, work helping people who cannot help themselves.

Then any men will love you seeing that there are other things that you are interested in instead of chasing men. if you that type of woman who can sit around all day doing absolute nothing waiting for your man to call you well then that can turn your man off. Doing variety of exciting things that will make you a woman worth knowing and also make a man chase you. If your man know that you are always available because you have nothing else much to do except waiting for him to call you to pick you up then that will make him more likely to chase you.

3. Show him that you are confident:

Most of the time men get intimidated by girls who show a lot of self-confident, but they find them very attractive. Men do not like girls with the low self –esteem, girls who always feel insecure. So you must show your man that you are happy being yourself and you like how the world sees you. Do not make the guy see that you are insecure and do not always complain or look for validation to your man. Rather be happy about who you are and avoid feeling insecure always find validation within you.

Do not let anyone tell you anything about yourself. If you have this attitude then your man will enjoy having you around because he will know that spending time with you will be productive to him. Rather than him to always have to validate everything that you do and that will make a man chase you. You can work on being confident by doing things that you enjoy all the time and always practise a goo d boy language or posture. Taking note in all those things that you do not like about you and you feel that your man will not like them as well.

4. Flirt with him:

If you want to make a man chase you, you have to flirt with him. Whenever you meet with your man or you secret crush you must always make sure that you maintain eye contact with him. Do those sexy things like playing with you’re a hair, say something nice to him maybe, or lough on his joke s even if you think that they are not funny. You can sometimes touch him on his arm when you and him are having a conversation.

Do not always get serious be playful around him so that he will be interested to spend time with you. Remember that this flirtation is meant to make him be more interested in you and show him what is like to be with you. do not be too much make light but fun and interesting Do not push too hard flirt a little and then hold back this will make him more interested on fun that you will offer when he is with you and this will make a man chase you.

5. Stay sexy:

Find the true meaning of sexiness within you and go for it. If it means changing the way you look and getting a hairstyle then why don’t you go for it? If you think that there is nothing wrong about looking natural and wear a big smile in your face there is nothing that can stop you from doing that. You can wear clothes that will make you feel sexy and attractive and beautiful. Do whatever makes you feel happy and fulfilled about your body. Something that will make you feels that you are taking the world by storm.

If you want to make a man chase you then you have to make an effort, don’t be lazy. But that does not mean you have to be too much about it and do something that will make you look unnatural. Remember you want to make a man chase you, not some maniac who wears too much make up that makes her look like a ghost. Someone who wears long stilettos that makes you uncomfortable. That will make a man run away from you and not make a man chase you.

6. Let him notice that other men are interested in you:

Do not let your man know that other guys are interested in hanging out with you by telling him. That will make your man notice that you are trying to get his attention by telling him this. Rather make sure that he see you talking to other men and do not flirt while talking to them, just be yourself. Do not show too much of excitement when you are talking with other guys in his presence. This will make you look like you are trying so hard to make him feel jealous. Try by all your means to stay natural.

No matter if you are walking or just sting with the other guy, focus on him and that will make your man jealous naturally. Although it may sound silly but it is often true that if you have other guys that are interested to have you around that will make your man desire. This will make a man chase you more if he notices that other guy are interested in you. But you must remember to not do this too much because your guy will think that you are a big flirt. Or maybe he may think that you are not interested in him in any way.

Keeping him hooked.

    1. Don’t always be available when he wants to see you or talk to you:

    The worst mistake you will ever to a man if you want to make a man chase you is being always available for him. If you always pick up your phone when it rings as his name appear on the screen. And you always says yes when he ask you to go on the date with him even if he did not ask you in advance. That my find with make your man start to think that there is no other thing that you do with your life that is more exciting than hanging out with him.

    If you want to make a man chase you , then a man have to feel that you are lot busy and it is difficult to get hold of you. But then again you do not have to be too much because y our man might start thinking that you will not be able to hang out with him. Try to balance this so that your man stay interested in you and do not get bored. If you find his miscalls do not return them in a matter of seconds. Rather let few hours pass by before calling him back. The same thing goes when he text you. Do not make the mistake of replying the minute he text you. Better wait a little bit longer to reply to his text.

    If you pick up the phone as soon as he calls, or if you agree to go on a date with him even if he asks you out just hours before, then he’ll start to think that there’s nothing exciting in your life besides hanging out with him. If you want the guy to chase you, then he has to feel like you have a lot going on and that you’re difficult to get a hold of. Of course, you don’t want him to think you’re so busy that you can never hang out with him, or he’ll get bored, but strike a balance between being busy and being available enough to see him so he stays interested.

      2. Be a little bit naughty around him:

    Once you hooked up with this guy and have developed some kind of a relationship with him and you have been on the date few times. Do not be scare to tell him that you are in mood when you away from him. At time phase in your relationship you are now allowed to surprise him with a call at work and tell him about the dirty things that you are thinking of doing to him. This will lure your man to you and make a man chase you. He will not wait to get his hands on you.

    Think carefully when doing this and make sure that it is the right moment and you will make him chase you. It is important to choose your timing perfectly. Remember you do not want to call your man and tell him naughty things while he is going to an important meeting with his boss or maybe heading for a job interview.

      3. Wow him with kindness once in a while:

    It is true that playing hard to get with your man can be more exciting. But you have to make sure that you do not do it too much because you do not want him to think that it is too hard to get you. You have to ease up on playing hard to get a little bit and give time to show that you care for him. Surprise him with visits and cook for him when it his birth day. Give him a call just to say hi. Offer to go and watch the soccer game with him and even go as far as buying the tickets for him.

    Do something that will make him interested in you and the pull back from doing it again. If you do the nice things for him he will start to take for granted. You should balance between playing hard to get and being kind for once in a while. That will make man enjoy having you around and make a man chase you.

      4. Do not tell him everything right away:

    Do not tell a man you have just met everything about you. Do not tell him that you have two fathers the one is your biologically father and the one is your step- father. Do not tell him tell that when you were a kid you wanted to be a doctor and that you and your siblings do not get along very well. That will make a man feel that he will not to work hard in getting to know you and that will make him become less interested in you. Rather make him work hard in getting to know you. Just tell him about the one most interesting thing about you that you think is really unique when you first meet your man.

    Giving him hints that this information about you, you do not share with anyone that will make him more reluctant to hang out with you the next time. You must make him work hard on getting to know if you just make things easier for him, you will make a ma n chase you or want to chase you. Men are often interested to women who are more secretive because they will feel free to share very sensitive information with them. Knowing that they will not go around telling people about it. So if a man will find that you are very reserved that will make him feel like he has won the price.

      5. Do not reach to him as he reaches much as he reaches out to you:

    Do not always be the first to call him let him call you first. Do not text him first let him text you. Let him invite you to a date first or suggest a party that you and him should go to. However you necessary do not have to do this every time. But you should wait for him to make first moves all the time. That will show him that you have a lot going on in your life rather than worrying about calling him or checking him. However you can make contact with him maybe suggest something fun that you can do with him but make sure that you are not coming on too much because that might make him fled away.

    You must let him know that he holds the cards. No one said that these tactics are for those who know how to be patient. If you are that type of the person who do not want to wait for the guy to make the move you would rather take control of this then things will get tougher for you. Rather make a man chase you by stop doing the chasing.

      6. Spend time and have fun with your girls:

    Do not be that type who neglects her friends whenever she has found herself a girlfriend. Try and spend time with your friends as much as possible, you do not want to make them think that you think you are now better than them just because you have find yourself a man. Now that you have a man you dos not mean that you cannot still enjoy the girls night out with your friends. If you see that you enjoy spending time with your friends and you like going out partying with your friends.

    He will see that you are the person of priority and you will put him first when you with him. But then again he will become more jealous of you knowing that there are a lot of potential dates that can see you during these girls night out. Spending time with your girl will stop you from being overly obsessed in getting your man’s attention and make a man chase you instead.

      7. Be unpredictable:

    If you want to make a man chase you, you have to keep him on his toes. Suggest a trip to him that you both need to go to. Do some crazy unpredictable stuff, if you keep doing the same old thing with you man he might get bored and that will not make him chase you. Be the woman of adventures, which will help wrap him around your finger. You do not have to always be spontaneous a little surprise here and there when a moment is right will be good. Plan everything accordingly and then leave everything up to chance. Do not ask for him to pick you up when going to date rather wait for him to pick you up.

      8. Remember that the chase is never over:

    Even if you feel that your man has fallen deeply in love with you, as in he really really got it bad. You should always keep him on his toes. That simply do not mean that you have to let your man know how you feel, but it mean that you have to be aware that you never ever get complacent in you reunion. Do not worry about letting things go with the follow and drop your guard, but always keep things fun and interesting all the time. Keep admiring him to make him feel kind of special. Compliment him more often in same time; make him feel like he has to work for it. If you are in the relationship you have to put the same amount of effort to make things work.

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