Obtaining dates online can be quite daunting for a lot of men out there especially if this happens during the initial stages of when you recently signed up. It usually takes time to adjust to how to communicate with women, how to please them, and most importantly how you can try to woo them into going on the first date with them. And having to know that you have put all this effort on scoring that first date is quiet understandable that you looking for ways on how not to ruin your first date. So that’s why these six signs I am about to mention can help you to prepare so that you don’t blow things out of proportion.

1. She is looking all around the room.

One way of knowing that a women is really interested in you, is when she seems to be focusing on you and her eye contact is visibly just on you .If she somehow has a wandering eye, and seems agitated and fidgety or uncomfortable then best believe she is un-entertained and just can’t wait to leave the room.

2. She keeps checking her phone.

Most women that meet men online are always prepared to have a certain fake gesture that they do that will help them escape if and when the date goes wrong. This could either be just be a fake text message, phone call some even go to an extent of setting a fake alarm that rings and resembles as a fake call so they will pretend they speaking with someone and make up a false emergency to exit the room immediately. So if you find your date constantly keeping tabs on her phone best believe that she is totally bored.

3. She doesn’t order a second drink.

If you went out for drinks and let’s say a few minutes you notice she is done with her first drink, and offer her a second drink and she declines it then she is trying by all means to keep this date as minimal as possible so that she can head back home as she is utterly bored.

4. She keeps bringing up her ex.

You want to know a good sign of when a woman is not keen on you. Well it is when she frequently mentions her ex or previous relationship that did not work out in her conversations. If this happens on your date just quickly know that your date finds you uninteresting. So try to find something else to talk about that might seem interesting to her.

5. She backs away every time you try to touch her.

If you happen to be touchy toward your date say on the arm and she seems quite uncomfortable with that gesture just simply know that she is not into you, because if a women likes you she will appreciate you showing attention and affection to her and will likely return back a simple touch to you as well.

6. Her body language is closed up.

Paying attention to her body language is a sure indicator of knowing whether she is into you or not. Open arms usually call for that they allowing you into their world and hence easy conversations will immense. Closed arms or legs usually call for being uninterested and serve as closing someone off.

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