Spell to get your ex back now

Spell to get your ex back now

With the proper use of ancestral magic, you can effectively cast a powerful spell to get your ex back now and get instant results. This is a harmless spell which only brings reunion with your ex-lover. It’s okay if you still have feelings for your ex-lover, in fact many people go through this but what differs you from others is that you are doing something about it.

As you want to cast a spell to get your ex back now, today I am going to show you step by step how to cast this powerful spell to get your ex back now yourself. Yes, there is nothing you gain without working for it that is why, even today, it will require you to give your time and some little bit of money to by the items you are about to use.

Remember this spell to get your ex back now will not only get your ex back, but it will also help you to heal all hurts you might have caused to your ex-lover and also vise vasa.

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Spell to get your ex back now

What you will need to cast this spell!

  • Four candles. A white candle, red candle, yellow candle as well as blue candle
  • One liter of milk
  • Your photo as well as your lovers photo too
  • A red ribbon
  • Tobacco leaves
  • Acanthaceae Lamiaceae
  • A pancreas from a black cock
  • Six or twelve table spoons of Salt
  • Two or three liters of Water

After getting all those items, then you start a big part which is to cast the spell to get your ex back now. But before you start casting the spell, you must be well aware that casting it will unleash a very powerful love force. Therefore, you must do this when you 100% certain that you are doing the right thing.

After being sure that you want to cast this spell, then you have to prepare yourself both physically and spiritually. It might take you one day or two for you to finish it up, even at some point, you might have to recast it again and again until when you get it right. The secret is this casting process is not the items or your desires to get your ex back but your concentration, avoid distraction and gather the positive energy that push the spell magically.

How to cast this spell to get your ex back now

Light the candles and place them to the floor in a circle like form. The circle must be big enough for you to cast your spell while you are inside it.

Then put salt in water and sprinkle it around your circle. This process is very import and you must perform it while you are letting go of all negative thoughts. This is a cleansing process through which you let go of all negative energy.

Then sprinkle milk around the circle. But this time, do this while chanting what your wishes are. If you want your ex-lover to come back while running, you should include it in your wishes and repeatedly chant it again and again. Remember the words you chant are going to possess magic in them and this magic is going to turn them into commands.

Start the fire then out Acanthaceae Lamiaceae in fire, while the smoke is coming out, continue with your chants. As the smoke is dying out, put now the Tobacco leaves in fire, carryon with the chants. This must last for at least 30 or 1 hour keep on chanting because it is very important part of this spell casting.

Wrap your photo as well as the photo of your lover in the pancreas, the tie it with the ribbon and make it to hang facing the fire. If you are familiar with casting spells, you will see that casting a spell to get your ex back now is one of the easiest magic spell and yet effective.

This spell to get your ex back now borrows the magic force from voodoo but when without magic casting experience, you can still use spell to get your ex back. Yes it might require having maximum patience but at the end of the day, your ex will not resist of being away from you. Within four days, you will have the results you deserve.

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