Tips to Help Keep Your Girlfriend

Girls are not the same, it can happen that your girlfriend is not going to leave the relationship because of how you treat her and how you make her feel, there will always be things that you should do to make your girlfriend stay and make her better, by doing that you saving her from leaving you. You might see all the things that concern your girlfriend, but sometime it cannot be good to see everything about your girlfriend.

Show off your love

There are things that you need to do to show love to your girlfriend, actions speak louder than words, have more time together and be more committed to her, getting her lovely presents that makes her smile, always make sure that you don’t forget to tell her how much you love her. The often you tell her that she will realize that you truly love her.

The minute you stop showing her love, thoughts will come to her that maybe things have change but if you keep telling her more often that will make her go over the relationship. Most boys relax when they thing there is no changes that is when they don’t see that the girlfriend is missing something from him.

Don’t go a day without telling her how you love her, you can do romantic thing that can make her think of you every minute.try to put more vibe in the relationship. You can tell her in so many ways that you love her; she will never get tired of listening it coming from you.

Be attentive

when ever she says something to you make sure that you listen to her, it can be bad that you telling someone something that is important and that person is just looking at you not paying attention to what you are saying, You might even thing that you are unwanted or think that person is not concerned about you. every woman have this problem toward their boyfriends ,that can make your girlfriend lose interest in you ,so listen attentively to what your girlfriend is saying

Tell the truth

Be honest is one of the most important thing in a relationship, without honesty there is less trust between the two of you. So try to speak the truth to your girlfriend in other to trust you. Lies can destroy your relationship. Be honest about everything about her it better to kill her with the truth then to comfort her with lies

Tell how pretty she is, and she will start believing in herself. Most woman love to hear a man telling her how beautiful she is.

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