Voodoo spell to bring back a lover

Voodoo spell to bring back a lover

This is the effective love spell you have been looking for that uses voodoo spell to bring back a lover. The fact the you are looking on this article, things are not going on well for you. I suspect that you have not been happy for recently since your lover left you. Being determined to get your lover back requires some courage! That is why as you’re reading this effective love spell page, I can sense your determination.

Just to make sure, I need to make sure that this is what you want because with my voodoo spell to bring back a lover, I can do allot of things.

  • Have you fallen out of love and now you want to restore it?
  • Your ex-lover dumped you without any reason?
  • You have always been unsuccessful when it comes with relationship?
  • Did you mess up with your last relationship?
  • Have you been trying to bring back a lover without success?
  • Is there someone who influenced your lover to leave you?

As you hear the word, effective love spell, the voodoo spell to bring back a lover is very always effective. Voodoo spell to bring back a lover is very popular spell cast while imitating the rituals done in the process from African customs. As an African and a practitioner of voodoo after inheriting the art from my forefather! I’m here by assuring you’re that with voodoo spell to bring back a lover; your ex will not resist it. It is going to become a smoothest way to get your ex-lover back even after leaving your for another person.

Effective love spell to bring back a loverFeeling hurt or crying day and night after being dumped by your lover is inevitable. In fact most people fails even to look for the ways how to bring back their ex lovers! Which is weird to me because if you are still in love you have to win that person back! You have to make him to love you again and that is where effective love spell to bring back a lover comes in.

Have you ever wondered why when some people breakup and get back together they fail to restore the original bond? We all know that at one point your lover will either leave you or you will leave him or her. So being dumped is not a big deal! The big deal is how you are going to bring a lover back after that. Because at the end of all you need to get your lover back. And also ensure that you don’t get in same situation again in future.

As you have decided to follow this route to bring back your ex-lover! We are going to cast the effective love spell to bring back your lover using voodoo magic. After all this is done, you will be stunned by the way your ex-lover will show up onto you. He will be driven by the powers of the spell that will make him not find peace until you are back together.

The voodoo spell to bring back a lover is going to close him up and block his feelings towards other people. If he left you for another person, that is going to be the end of their relationship. He will never know that has happened but only he will find himself in love you once again.

Voodoo spell to bring back a lover

The voodoo spell has worked for very many years fixing problems in relationship, marriages and finance etc. That is why it is very popular mostly with people who believe in ancestral customs. There is no limit to what voodoo spell can do. What is why even when it comes to bring back a lover who left you years ago, you still stand a chance.

Most of people who believe in customs have the connections with voodoo no matter what culture you are from. Voodoo spell to bring back a lover is well aligned with the divine powers which are controlled by spirits.

Bring back a lover is a primary goal but getting total happiness after getting your lover back is the tricky part. Most people who have gotten back together fails to find the sparks that used to make their relationship sparkling. That is what my voodoo spell to bring back a lover tackles with lots precisely.

This is a restoration process where you are going to bring back your lover and restore the love you had. There is no need for you to keep yourself from using this chance to bring back your lover. This is one of the best and effective love spell that will bring back your lover and re-establish your relationship.

Black magic spells to bring back a lover

Black magic spells by default are the most powerful spell which brings results in a most astonishing way. They are always very unique what is why most people are scared of black magic. Black magic spell is a no-nonsense spell, a spell you can use to bring back a lover in just two days.

Some can say that using a black magic spell to bring back a lover back is cruel. But it doesn’t help to not use it when your relationship is falling apart. When black magic spell to bring back a lover is combined with voodoo magic the results are amazing.

Even though you might feel scared of black magic or maybe you have read bad things about it online! But black magic still remains the most powerful love spell that will bring back your lover in just days.

This magic spell is cast is processes in order to avoid backlash

The most important things that derail the spell is the negative energy so, before anything is done, cleansing is fast. Cleansing while casting spell is such an important ritual that removes all negative powers and prepare for the successful cast of the spell! Cleansing is done a day before the spell is cast or hours before the actual spell.

Right after removing negative powers, you can even see the positive results even before the spell is cast. Negative powers are such bad influencers in relationship which play a huge role in causing problems. Destroying all the sparkling sparks the couples had for each other.

Cleansing Ritual

    You are required to get ocean water at least 3 liters
    The Mondia whitei leaves
    Musaceae leaves
    White chicken
    This is done at night. Strictly at night;

How to cast the spell to bring back a lover itself?

Make a concoction of mondia whitei leaves using the ocean water, make at least four liters of water. Then after that put the Musaceae leaves on the ground. Strip yourself naked and wash yourself starting from the head to the legs. Do this while chanting these words.

“I’ am washing all the negative energy; I’m freeing myself from the chains of the devil. I want to remain with the only positive powers, the spirits of my ancestors to enlighten my path. I only want the spirits which will do no harm either to me or to anybody”

Repeat those words more and more until when you are done washing yourself. Then stand still facing where the sun is setting to then throw the chicken at your back. This is very import make sure you get it right. Get the chicken hold it with your both hands. Throw it over your head falling at your back. And say “All the negative energy must be left at my back, must find me when am gone” After that walk away and do not look back even a single bit.

This is done a day before or hours before the actual casting of the black magic spell to bring back a lover is cast.

Casting the real black magic spell to bring back a lover

Then the requirements to cast the actual black magic spell to bring back a lover, remember this spell is compatible with voodoo spell too. So you can use voodoo spell to bring back a lover or black magic. The difference is very small.

    The photo of your lover you want to bring back
    Two Rotten chicken eggs.
    A black goat.
    Acacia hockii De Wild woods enough that can last you for four or five hours on fire.
    Graveyard dirt.
    Clay flower pot ie. It must be empty and with no whole or clack.
    A safe place because this spell is cast from an open space but it must be sacred.

Starting to cast the black magic spell to bring back a lover

The first and foremost thing required before you begin to cast this spell to bring back a lover is concentration. You must gain a high level of concentration and belief in what you are about to do. Now after gathering all concentrations, you have to prepare yourself for the spell.

Then dig a whole and bury those two rotten eggs in the ground. Make sure the whole is deep approximately two feet deep. Cover the whole with sand but you must mix that sand with your graveyard dirt. Then make a fire right on top of that whole.

You have to make the fire, and then start chanting your sacred words, these words is very important because they become commands in later stage. Chant those words repeatedly. Now you might ask yourself what are those words?

The words “I want to bring back, you …NAME…. My lover back to me. I want you to stop cheating. You should love me, appreciate me, and honor me for who I am. All the fighting and arguing has to stop right now. We have to get back together and restart our relationship anew. This is a time to restore all our lost pieces. I call upon you … NAME… Sending the positive energy to waken your lost love you had for me before. Etc.

You chant these words but also you can change those words accordingly to what you want to gain. It’s not a must that you must use the same words I have written above.

Those words are chanted while encircling the fire in a slow but constant pace. The purpose for this is to help you to connect yourself with the universe. To concentrate on what you are doing and connect your inner power to it.

Slaughter the goat as a symbol of offering, a sacrifice to the spirits. After doing this and when you have not allowed your concentration to diminish, you will feel powers running through you. You will feel the connection, now when that happens, that is when you will need more concentration. A lot of people when they reach to this stage they lose the concentration, you must avoid that.

Slaughter the goat and then put its blood in the pot. Hold that pot and lift it high, present it to the spirit of high power. Continue with the chanting while allowing yourself to connect with your lover. Use your mind power to bring him closer and speak to him directly. The use of the photo is to help you connect with him.

If it is okay with you, you can spend the whole night in that fire connecting fully with your spell.

How the black magic spell to bring back a lover works?

After doing all that, a lot is going to change with your lover. The spell you have just done is one of the most powerful spell that will bring back a lover in just days. A lot of people call it back magic spell but this is the same voodoo spell to bring back a lover. You can call it what you want though.

You are going to begin seeing your lover trying to contact with you. After casting this voodoo spell to bring back a lover, it will not even take a day before you begin to see positive changes. Right from that night, the lover you want to bring back is going to connect with you. He is going to feel the greater bond within him.

The love for you which is going to start from there is going to be unbelievable. You don’t need to do anything after this. What you have to do is just to seat and wait for him to peach up fully drunk in love. This voodoo spell to bring back a lover! Or black magic spell to bring back a lover whatever you can call it works very well trust me.

How to cast a voodoo spell to bring back a lover that work instantly

It is totally normal to wanting to bring back a lover whom you still feel connected to. This is an act of bravely to fight for someone who has deliberately abandoned you. It’s you who knows your heart; you are the one who know how you feel about that person. Therefore not shunning your true feelings and try to look for how to cast a voodoo spell to bring back a lover; that is why I’m delighted to help you through all this.

It’s a privilege to be on the other end waiting to your move so that you can receive help from the expert. Right now you want to know how to cast a voodoo spell to bring back a lover. Well, with my voodoo spell, you are going to get back your lover and also have a chance to repair what was broken.

This is a simple spell that uses voodoo magic powers to bring back a lover you have failed to live without. All the ingredients required are those you can pick from your backyard garden.

Requirements to cast voodoo spell to bring back a lover

  • Dried musaceae fibers
  • Bee honey
  • Hair from your lover
  • Dried Aerva lanata
  • Dried Sida cuneifolia
  • Dried Solanum dasyphyllum
  • Fireplace

The most important part in this spell is you to know what exactly you want. You have to be as specific as you can because that is how you are going to create the commands for it.

How to cast a voodoo spell to bring back a lover


Get a fireplace and start the fire.

Put twelve drops of bee honey in the fire

Then drop the hair in the fire

There the smoke will start to come out, start to chant what you exactly want.

Add the dried Aerva lanata to the fire and continue chanting. Put more twelve bee honey drop in the fire and then hair.

There after add Dried Sida cuneifolia and Dried Solanum dasyphyllum in the fire and continue chanting until when the fire dies out. Wait until the ashes have cooled down then wrap it in the musaceae fibers and take it to the flowing river and drop it in there. Repeat the same process for at least three to four days.

Remember! This is very effective voodoo spell to bring back a lover and it is not something you would want to misuse. This voodoo spell is a combination of voodoo magic and Wiccan magic. It gains it magic forces from the universe together with your energy powers.

Dr. Mugwa uses this simple approach to cast a voodoo spell to bring back a lover that works for everyone. Do you want to make someone whom you want to be reunited to become that person searching and looking for you?

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Then after three weeks of no talking, he sent me a message, this is exactly how he sent it; “I’m sorry for not answering your calls. Sorry for not replying you texts but I did not know how to tell you that its over. I know its not fair for you because you have been such a wonderful person to me but I do not deserve you. I’m really very sorry for doing this to you. I hope you find the person who will make you happy.”

After getting his message I cried like baby, I cried for days. I did not know what lead him to that because I did not fight even a single bit. There was no reason for him to leave me and I wanted to know why? There I started calling him, texting him and yet again still no answer.

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